Dr Shweta Goswami, the Founder of ZEEVA, Opens New IVF Clinic in Noida.

Zeeva Clinic, one of India’s leading clinics for IVF, has opened a new IVF clinic in Noida with the best-in-class facilities to help the ever-growing demand for IVF. ZEEVA IVF clinic aspires to bring in the most sophisticated fertility treatment across the country with a legacy of over 3500 IVF pregnancies with more than 100 years of combined experience from 15 experts. The recently opened clinic in Noida is backed by highly skilled IVF specialists, trained embryologists, global standards and protocols, a cutting-edge embryology lab, and a wide range of fertility treatments. 

The best-in-class facilities at Zeeva help families achieve the maximum results at every stage of the IVF cycle. To improve the chances of pregnancy, we provide individualised treatment regimens based on an in-depth evaluation and knowledge of your infertility issues. The staff of committed infertility experts will be there for you throughout the treatment procedure and are skilled at providing the highest level of care. 

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We believe in delivering cutting-edge solutions that employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that you have the best possibility of establishing or raising a family. 

Dr Shweta Goswami, Director, Zeeva Fertility, says, “Infertility is on the rise and every 1 in 8 couples suffers from infertility. With the new facility being opened in Noida, we are going to provide innovative solutions using expert techniques to ensure that you have the best chance to grow your family. With a 65% success rate in IVF, we are experts in different areas of infertility to improve your chances of conceiving, specific to your needs.” 

Dr Meeta Airen, Associate Consultant, Zeeva Fertility, says, “The assisted reproduction industry in India is being fuelled by the rising frequency of infertility due to lifestyle changes, late marriages, and delayed pregnancies. Our goal is to deliver the best specialised clinical care to infertility patients in a loving, sensitive, responsive, and informed atmosphere. We hope that with the opening of this new centre, we will be able to provide quality fertility treatments to people living in the city. We will endeavour to attain a high success rate by combining professional medical staff, cutting-edge technology, and an advanced therapeutic approach.” 

About ZEEVA Fertility  Zeeva Clinic is a leading clinic for IVF and cancer treatment in India. With a vision to provide world-class clinic facilities by Dr Vikas Goswami & Dr Shweta Goswami, we offer advanced Fertility and Cancer Treatment. We are widely recognised for clinical excellence and personalised attention. Located in the prominent location of Noida, the clinic is well-equipped with advanced technology. We offer individualised treatment plans based on an in-depth evaluation and understanding of your infertility problems to optimise your chances of pregnancy. Our team of dedicated infertility doctors is with you to support you throughout the treatment process and are experienced in delivering the best care.