Dropout Student build a Skill University(LinkX SkillVarsity)

Inayat Hussain is a Young Entrepreneur, Business Growth Hacker, Ideator, Digital Marketing Consultant. He was born on 23rd December 1998 in Jharkhand, India, and is 23 years old (2021). He is best known as the founder of LinkX SkillVarsity. He was the ex-founder of Vakma Business Care Private Limited.

From his childhood, he struggled to do something unique, and welfare has been started. He shared his story about how to support his family. Inayat used to wake up at night and sell the coals of the train. He also sold things on the train for his livelihood.

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He’s always been thinking about upgrading his lifestyle. When he came from Jharkhand to Delhi, he started work of application downloading outside the metro at the age of 16

He did a radiology course but left because of financial issues.

Inayat Hussain Startup Journey –

At 18 years, he started his first company named Vakma Business Care Private Limited, which collapsed because of being cheated by his partners. At Varma, Inayat began to work for providing opportunities to the youth. He organised several job fairs for youth without any charges from students. 

After being cheated by his partner’s he never gives up and is determined to start working again.

Like an ordinary 19-year-old boy, Inayat wanted to go to college and live his best moments with friends, but it was just a dream due to financial problems.

While Inayat was struggling to make it, his 8-9 siblings family fed his father got cancer & covid disease. And at that time he also got ill with covid. It was a big challenge for him to bear the expense of his father’s treatment. 

He did everything to save his father. He prayed, he also started a campaign to feed all those needy people during covid.

Unfortunately, Inayat’s father is no more. Then he started working as a Zomato delivery boy. No money, no background status, nothing. He was the only person to take care of his family.

When he was working as a delivery boy, he arranged a bike for delivery at night. It was complicated for him to manage everything. He worked at noon for his startup and at night working as a delivery boy. He slept only for a few hours. 

He has joined many events of network marketing companies and met several energetic youngsters who filled Inayat’s mind with the purpose in life of what he needs to do. Something helpful with profit. So he decided to research by taking surveys on Delhi’s well-known areas like Connaught Place. Then he found a problem of skills. 

He said, ” Everyone wants to jump into the rat race, but no one wants to live for their Dreams.” He found the opportunity of getting Digital Technology and the Internet.

Then he started working on “SKILL BASED TALENTS.”

He did not want to earn money like this. He tried to take the “real” job. His idea was not just to survive but also to succeed.

And that’s how LinkX SkillVarsity was built in 2019.

He started Skill University called “LinkX SkillVarsity.” A platform where students can find their interest-based online course and find a mentor to grow their career. At www.linkx.in there are live sessions of every course with the Mentor Lifetime Support. 

He thought that it was necessary to make connections before starting a business, so he started a show of his own by Talk with Ustaad, a well-known name in today’s time. In this show, different industry experts come and share valuable knowledge with everyone with inspiration.

He said We believe in supporting every student. “JAB TAK SIKHEGA NAHI HUM CHODENGE NAHI.” 

The only mission is to start LinkX SkillVarsity to provide youth the confidence to grow with their desired dreams where every youth can inspire each other’s passion. Whether it is designing or creativity or dancing or anything which is having a passion.

Inayat’s on Mission 2025 | Digital Entrepreneur

Since childhood, we have been hearing that India is a developing country, and till now, India has not become a developed country. 

Inayat is on a mission that wants to employ more than Ten Lakh people by 2025 and wants to come by providing them a skill to increase our country’s economy by starting employment or starting their own business.

You can also join this mission and contribute towards making India a developed country that has already started with LinkX SkillVarsity.

Let’s start your passion with an operating income.

Get in touch with Inayat Hussain –

Instagram – www.instagram.com/inayatventures

Website – www.linkx.in