Elvisa Dedic: Facts You May Not Know About the Famous Influencer

The fashion industry has always held its sway over the world. Giving us numerous great talents,
creating impacts on levels that one can’t even image. To further that ideology of the fast paced
industry, there are numerous people that come and go, however, its takes courage to be able to
withstand the changes that occur- One such person we shall learn about today is Elvisa Dedic.
You must’ve already heard about the famed influencer, model and entrepreneur, Elvisa Dedic
from Instagram, from articles or from FashionNova Website.
With a fan following that keepsnreaching new heights, Elvisa has now reached a following of
nearly 3M on just Instagram. Hailed from Bosnia, Elvisa is currently 27 years old (born in 1995).
Her star sign is Libra.
She comes from a disciplined family background and that has motivated her to study Law. Her
biological father was a police officer and her stepfather was an undercover Drug Narcotics
Agent, as well as an international police firearms advisor, and that motivated her and became
the reason why she chose to be in the field of law and to be an attorney.
She has been quite brilliant since a young age, she won the spelling bee in the State of
Maryland only 2 years after being in America (after moving there from Bosnia). She was the
fastest typer at her school and could type around 200-words per minute.
Throughout her college life, she also maintained a 4.0 grade average at the university of north
florida and obtained her bachelor’s degrees in criminal Justice and psychology.
While she was in Bosnia, her family faced hard times due to the war. This inculcated a sense of
responsibility in all the members of the family. Her mother today, is a business woman, she
owns a 5 star cleaning company and is the CEO/Owner of her own business.
It is a miracle only a tough woman can perform as is also someone who survived the Bosnian
war after being shot while pregnant with Elvisa herself.
With such an impactful parenting, Elvisa’s goal as a child was to be in the FBI/CIA. It was an
immense motivator in her childhood to excel like her parents did.
However, it’s not always the big things that make a difference- her own personality, her
experiences and the dedication she has towards her career and her passion is responsible for
where she stands today too.

She dated an Albanian man for 10years, due to unfortunate circumstances, it did not work out.
Since then she has chosen to work on herself, her brand and her career in Law.
Her career kickstarted when she was discovered for the first time by Fashion Nova in 2017.
They reached out to her to model for them and since then she has been sought for various other
brands and designers as well.
Her taste in fashion, her beauty and physique (5’2 and 145 pounds) as well her confidence and
content creation, all of these have been paramount in establishing her as a model and an
influencer. She is often compared with Kim Kardashian, and is called “Bosnian Kim Kardashian”
As of now, she recently got accepted into Law school (in 2022) and is studying to be a criminal

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