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EntranceZone is the ultimate resource for staying up-to-date on Indian education news and information. Easily find the latest admissions, universities, entrance exams, and more!


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EntranceZone India provides reliable information about higher education in India. They have detailed profiles of institutes, various courses available and admission process for those institutions. This site is the source for everything related to higher education in the country, from the latest government policies to entrance exams guidance. It also offers special interest articles such as writing tips and career advice from experienced professionals.

2. Scholastica

Scholastica is an online platform dedicated to helping students with their search for colleges, universities, and post-graduate study opportunities in India. It provides updated data on admission requirements, deadlines, fees structure and scholarships. It also offers a personalized learning experience with customized college matching tools designed to help students find their perfect fit based on their academic needs and interests.

3. Skype Edu

Skype Edu provides quick access to online educational resources tailored specifically for Indian students preparing for college admissions exams. The platform covers all stages of the application process, from researching programs to submitting documents and preparing essays or portfolios required by some institutions. Additionally, it offers personalized guidance through coaching options that provide one-on-one sessions for student applicants who need extra support or assistance during this time of transition into higher education in India.

4. Deeksha

Deeksha is a popular resource hub that helps bridge the gap between top-tier universities and aspiring learners in India by providing webinars and whitepapers focused on relevant topics in economics, management business analytics and other disciplines leading up to successful entry into postgraduate studies across different fields of study. Deeksha publishes monthly education magazines which feature articles written by scholars about key issues affecting higher education in India plus expert reviews of various college placement examinations including CAT (Common Admission Test) GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) PI (Personal Interviews).

5. IELTS Academy

The IELTS Academy is an online e-learning platform designed to assist Indian students prepare for international college applications test like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) IELT(International English Language Testing System) PTE (Professional Teachers Examination), etc., This portal focuses on achieving success through integrated approach towards English language proficiency while simultaneously offering preparation material that adheres to recognized global standards such as Common European Framework (CEFR). For better guidance they also offer live online classes conducted by dedicated foreign instructors enabling faster progress towards achieving competitive score requirements necessary for international university placements . 

6. GRE Guide

GRE guide is a comprehensive website offering study materials pertinent to appear & take GRE General Exam which has become mandatory requirement for getting admission into top notches universities abroad including USA , Canada , UK & many other destinations . Apart from updated news listings featuring significant announcements issued by Graduate Record Examination Board about its upcoming events related policies; this site also serves members with vital materials such as sample questions & practice tests that include question types commonly used .  Also course material containing vital topics from each part are available followed by analytical reasoning sections greatly help cracking 600/340 selection cutoff benchmarks easily . Lastly , instructor led mock facility helps you get real feel before appearing final full length exam upon subscription of appropriate fee package per subject led created list of services provided over here highly useful than most free sites available out there offline or online , so definitely worth use it even though charges applicable depending upon your customized plan choice! 

7 My Companion App

My Companion App was developed keeping students’ best interests in mind, aiming at providing them useful information regarding scholarship programs offered internationally along with ways around visa processing procedures applicable w r t countries allowing visa facilitation service providers sponsored either government body or private organization saves lot time wastage efforts apart.. additionally features entire repository android app form great source readymade educational interactive charts detail insights into cost tuition fees range job market trends economy specific region country hence good idea install app stay tuned regular updates notifications don’t miss single opportunity wise counsel mentor advises prospects communication open all round clock sure plethora choices solve doubts queries soonest possible response rate matters!!