Entrepreneurs are loving this speech on the internet by Profit Coach Arsh Gaur in his latest youtube video

The challenges faced by an entrepreneur never ends, and it is only after one has made that transition of moving from a job to full time business that the reality sinks in. Yet it is rare to come across any content highlighting these pain points that too with a pinch of humour. 

Profit Coach Arsh Gaur has managed to do just that in his latest video. Entrepreneurs from across domains are sending him messages on how they could relate with the speech and how it highlights every pain point that they as business owners have to face in everyday life. 

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A Chartered Accountant by profession, Arsh entered the world of numbers quite early. In 2019 he found his true calling lies in helping people make money. Nothing gives him more excitement or thrill than solving seemingly difficult issues in a few minutes over a cup of coffee. That’s when the journey of India’s youngest Profit Coach began. He is on a mission to help SME business owners live a better life by re-orienting their business finance systems towards Profits. 

Arsh Gaur recently celebrated the launch of the book “Speed Up Business Growth With Strong Balance Sheet” written by his father, CA Pradeep Sharma and co-authored by him (although he gives 90% credit of writing the book to his father, the book provides an excellent roadmap to strong balance sheet as the name suggests). Arsh also hosts a bi-weekly talk show on facebook live “Profit Ki Baat” where he invites the stalwarts from various industries who have generated record profits in their businesses. He uses this platform to generate awareness by discussing real life strategies used by entrepreneurs that led them to phenomenal success. The show opened with Mr. Gautam Sikri, MD, Ramsons Cycle Pvt Ltd. as the first guest, followed by Mr. Nirapjeet Singh Grewal, MD, Jaewoo Machines Pvt Ltd. It airs every alternative Tuesday at 6pm, on his facebook handle. 

He also runs a Youtube channel by the name of ‘CA Arsh Gaur: Business Profit Coach’, where he regularly uploads videos with exclusive content for SME business owners on tips and techniques to increase Cash Profits in their business. If you want to learn the art of making or increasing Profits, now is a good time, every year for a limited number of participants, he opens the opportunity to register for his Cash Profit Mastery Course where he selects a handful of business owners and works closely with them. This course has helped business owners save and generate more than 20 millions over the past two years. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the course, you can attend a free masterclass on by booking your seat now by clicking on the link https://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZ0udOuqqjspGN0VhSXvvJO1dFRLT…

For more details follow his youtube channel CA Arsh Gaur : Business Profit Coach.