Entrepreneurs from Various States Visit Ahmedabad Plant

Shuddhyam Federation Aims for Pan-India Presence in Bold Expansion Move

Key Highlights:

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1. Pan-India Expansion Sparks Interest in Ahmedabad Plant

2. Shuddhyam Federation’s  Bold Move: Touring Ahmedabad Plant for Inspiration

3. Entrepreneurs Nationwide Explore Ahmedabad Plant’s Operations for Replication

 August 2023, Mumbai: Recently, the Shuddhyam Federation’s operational plant in Ahmedabad welcomed a diverse group of visitors, hailing from various corners of the country. These visitors were on a mission to gain valuable insights into the plant’s operations, driven by the aspiration to establish similar innovative setups within their own respective states.

One organization that has been consistently dedicated to advancing bio-CNG technology and spearheading farmer-centric initiatives is the Satyam Foundation. Situated in Ahmedabad, their plant serves as a hub for a multitude of activities aimed at driving positive change. One particularly impactful goal of the foundation is to combat the prevalent issue of food wastage.

Under the brand name “Shuddhyam Federation,” the foundation is actively expanding its reach, with a national-scale implementation underway. The visionary behind this expansive endeavor is none other than the scientific mind and promoter, Mr. Harshad Acharya. During the visitors’ tour, Mr. Acharya meticulously elucidated every facet of the plant’s intricate operations, leaving no stone unturned. The visitors, representing regions such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Bengal, were captivated by the plant’s operational model and expressed profound interest in replicating it within their own communities.

Of the esteemed attendees from Lucknow were:

Md Anwar  Founder

Jignesh Patel Founder

Amit Gupta Founder

Sunil Singh Patel


Mrs Anita Singh

   ITI Gov Principal

Mr Umesh Kumar Patel


Mrs. Dr Neeraj Singh

Mr Saurab Agnihotri

Dinesh goswami Bihar

Debashish bardhan Kolkata

This visit serves as a powerful testament to the escalating enthusiasm for sustainable and farmer-centric initiatives. It underscores the potential for fostering meaningful collaborations and effecting expansive growth across different states. With a shared vision, these entities are poised to contribute significantly to various realms, ranging from rural employment and agricultural waste conversion to soil carbon enrichment and the conversion of municipal waste into farming inputs.

The cumulative efforts of these forward-thinking individuals also hold the promise of yielding manifold benefits for the Indian economy, encompassing mental, physical, and financial development. As they collectively endeavor to transform waste worth billions into economic prosperity, their resolute commitment and strategic cooperation stand as a beacon of hope and progress.

 As we reflect on this transformative visit and the profound implications it holds, we stand united in the pursuit of progress. With unwavering determination and collaborative spirit, this consortium of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, and implementers, including Mr. Harshad Acharya, embarks on a journey that could potentially yield economic benefits exceeding 5 lakh crore rupees for the Indian nation. With heartfelt gratitude and the rallying cry of “Jai Hind,” the founders Md Anwar, Jignesh Patel, Amit Gupta, Sunil Singh Patel, along with the CEOs and distinguished participants from different regions, express their commitment to the shared cause. The seeds of change have been sown, and the future beckons with promises of prosperity and sustainable growth.

-by Kashvi Gala