Esteem Infocon— Connecting Students Across Globe

The market is full of various things, but it isn’t easy to find the right one. Well, not anymore because you have got the right stop, one-stop for all your educational needs— Esteem Infocon.

Our team reached out to Esteem Infocon’s CEO Parvez Rasul to know more about Esteem Infocon’s work.

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Hello, Parvez. Thank you for sparing your time for us and letting us know about what you do

Thank you for having me. It is indeed my pleasure to share my work with you. Extremely happy to be with you.

Well, thank you. Let us start with you and your work. Could you please share it with us?

I’m Parvez Rasul, CEO of Esteem Infocon. Esteem Infocon is a group of passionate educationalists and professionals who connect students to great leading educational programs anywhere and everywhere. At Esteem Infocon, we want to provide a stage and platform to all those who have the talent and deserve a chance. 

That is great! What else does Esteem Infocon do? What are the services that Esteem provides?

Esteem is a one-stop solution for all the needs of students. We deal and help with a variety of students that have different interests and are from various fields. And, majority of students deal with the one other related things. We provide services, or better say, answers to their questions and dilemmas, the vert first one being;

  1. What career they should choose, the students are usually confused and not sure what field or which path they should set their foot on. We help them with this. Our team of experts is well qualified, and students reach out to our team and us, and we are happy to help them.

This is so great to know, Mr Rasul. We’ve talked briefly about the services you provide, but how does one approach you? There has to be away, right?

Of course, the process is very simple. Interested students can log in to our website and book a call by providing all the necessary details; it takes hardly 2 minutes. The process is convenient and, you know— Easy.

Sure, it looks like one. Let’s move ahead and talk about the pros and cons of the profession. Every profession has its struggles and achievements, both personal and professional. What are yours?

You’re very right. The success wasn’t overnight. The team wasn’t built in a day. I’m a first-generation entrepreneur. No one from my family comes from this background. Initially, it was a challenge, but slowly and steadily, we crossed the hurdles as they say, “slow and steady wins the race.” Likewise, I started slowly-slowly from scratch, and now it’s been seven years since I have been associated with the counseling business. Being actively involved in the education sector has made me understand a lot of things. If I talk about Esteem Infocon, it has helped more than 8000 students secure admission in leading courses of leading colleges across India and abroad. The team is dedicated and well qualified, which is excellent!

Good to know, Mr Rasul. Esteem Infocon has come a long way. Please tell us more about the services that Esteem offers.

Sure, the services we offer vary from background to background, like we provide career options and opportunities for MBBS, Healthcare, MBA, Analytics, Engineering, Legal, Libral Arts, etc. For every background, we have dedicated, passionate professionals who provide Career Advisory, Preparatory Advisory, Relocation Advisory, Cultural Adaptation Advisory, etc., for students. Our team also offers Mentoring, the proper guidance which is very much necessary. Our mentoring experts mentor students and working professionals who are keen to upgrade their skillsets to meet the industry standards. We believe in the overall and long-term development of a being.

We have more than 50 Global University tie-ups, 25 Associated Nations, and 75 educational programs. We also have an office in Bangladesh.

Magnificent stats Mr Rasul! Is there anything you’d like to share with students or professionals out there?

All I want to say is, if you have any doubt regarding your career, studies anything. Just reach out to us. Esteem Infocon will guide you and aid you. We offer scholarships to deserving and talented students. We frequently have webinars. Students can register themselves for these webinars, and I’m sure it’ll be helpful.

This was Pravez Rasul, CEO of Esteem Infocon, a perfect platform that connects students with the leading programs across the globe.

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