You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you!”-John Bunyan

Have you lived today? Our protagonist has . Let’s get to know her better!

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Age is just a number when one is determined to help! Nothing can be worth more than coming to the aid of those who can never speak for themselves. It’s the younger generations for sure where our future rests as they are the foundation and the medium for the scope of saving the world from the destruction that we have caused as humans of the technologically advanced era!

Our young zoophilist and environmentalist here, AARNA WADHAWAN from Delhi, who at such a young age of 12, is a very passionate young girl working towards saving the beings that cannot represent and speak for themselves. She is on the very path of being the one who will act as a driving force and a big-time encouragement for all those who ever wanted to do their bit for living on this planet and co-existing peacefully with the other living beings! Animal bonds are extremely important to many people, rivalling their relationships with friends and family members alike. While any personality can enjoy the company of animals, certain people find that they are especially competent at bonding with them. Animal communication may require structure and logic, but relationships with animals are often significantly influenced by emotions and compassion – things that are felt rather than merely communicated. Unable to interact with humans, human-like animals communicate through sensing our moods and responding with their own verbal and nonverbal methods of communication.  Our lady here is very sound with her skills and has proved herself as  a very competent communicator with these beings!

Aarna was  Honoured with the “ Kind Student Award” by PETA India in the year 2021. She is a  very staunch, resolute and strong headed – Animal Lover, International public speaker and Social activist who never fails to mark her presence in the lives of those who need her ! Her vigour,  vivacity and sparkle in her commitment and servitude towards the environment and humble creatures has been quite notable and has been acknowledged by many government authorities. The most incredible quality of this young heart is that she will never stop herself from walking in the lanes of nearby neighbourhoods  if she finds animals starving on the same streets! She makes sure to feed all of them sufficient bread and water wherever, whenever, however possible.

Why only talk about the animals? Our young lady is also an inspiration for the youth and generations to come as she has already planted 350 trees to save the environment for which many government officials have acknowledged and appreciated her actions!

We have talked much about her contributions but there is one very heart touching incident where Aarna saved  a tiny puppy from drowning while she was already at the task of planting trees nearby!

Animals have to be protected from sultry weather and Aarna surely sees it  as her duty to come to their aid and also suggests to all the others of the society and the community that we have our responsibility, to be kind towards these mute creatures during the tough weather conditions.

It is definitely not just one person’s duty , but through her we can surely be inspired to act more generously and work for the welfare of all the living beings around us, especially the ones who are so vulnerable that cannot come directly to the forefront to speak about their cause!