F.A.B.T. The Rise of a New Pattern By Saptarshi Ghatak

Saptarshi Ghatak, the founder of F.A.B.T. ( For A Better Tomorrow ), and his team have finally started their venture to accomplish an arduous task. Their motive is to organise the unorganised entertainment industry and bring everything online, which would easily be accessible to anyone at their fingertips. 

So he started www.artisticgram.com, where any artist or would-be artists of over 40 categories can register themselves and keep their work profile updated. Also, any recruiter can go and hire & review these artist profiles out of 5 stars. Moreover, a blue tick verified artist gets guaranteed work from Artisticgram. 

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Not just that, on asking him about his next plan of action and his future endeavours, Saptarshi replied, ” This is just the beginning. Our OTT platform is launching in June or July 2022. So most of the people who join our primary platform, which is www.artisticgram.com, will get an opportunity to work with our upcoming OTT, named SERIES NOW, and we also have multiple other placement partners and additional platforms that we are coming up with to enhance the chances of an artist to earn fairly. My vision behind the idea is to ultimately bring forward a proper format where partiality and nepotism end and the right talent gets the correct job role solely due to their potential.”

He also mentioned that he has been working on this idea for almost 9 years now and has been through multiple unsuccessful startups. Hence he is even more confident about his brainchild finally being executed this time around. 

Moreover, he has done a lot of research & development in this phase of 9 years since the point of inception of his idea. He has continuously updated his ideas so that the concept is as per the current market, and he doesn’t come across another artist who doesn’t know how to get more work. 

His idea is to get artists on board with them at www.artisticgram.com and place them as per necessity in the different ventures which they have planned.

Revolutionizing the artistic industry was very necessary considering the talent in India who are clueless about what to do and where to go when they think of making a career along these lines of the entertainment industry since the educational institutions/ colleges/ Universities have only focused on academic performances and have minimal scope when it comes to extracurricular activities.  This is definitely a piece of good news for the 40 categories of artists that can register atwww.artisticgram.com