Find Organic Tee’s and a lot more at Atelange, A studio of varied things

Did you know that most of your current wardrobe is 70% chemicals and other materials mixed with a laughable amount of cotton which is actually good for your skin? Atelange has arrived to change that and build a conscious community of consumers who believe in sustainable fashion while still looking fly! They craft 100% organic cotton t shirts with super stylish colors and even more affordable prices. The founders of Atelange to be ‘Unique yet connecting’ Connecting us back to our planet and its values.

Atelange makes and sells Organic and eco-friendly garments which are chemical free and truly down to earth. When you shop from Atelange you know that you’re buying into a conscious brand and taking the right step toward conserving the planet. Resorting back to clothes that are made naturally is a huge step to a sustainable lifestyle. If you’re an environmentalist or just looking to buy better suited clothes that are not too harsh on your pocket and the environment, you’re in the right place!

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Atelange is a brand founded by two individuals who also love our planet earth. Mr Krishna Ameta, the founder and CEO and Ms Preskha Ameta the co-founder, from Udaipur, Rajasthan. They had the idea for the startup a while back and launched their brand in November of 2021. They are gradually growing and finding their footing in the industry. Mr. Krishna says, “We have different apparel coming out soon. We have first started with what we think is the basic wardrobe essential solid tee and so far our customers are loving the comfort and the style”.

When asked how did the name Atelange land, they answered, “Atelange is an amalgamation of two words Atelier meaning studio, and Melange meaning a varied mixture and there you have it, ‘A studio of varied things’’” Atelange currently sell 100% organic cotton simply plain t-shirts and funky casuals, true essentials for building your closet conscious wardrobe! Much like their brand name they are also a duo of a mixture, Krishna has his hold over marketing and Preksha has procured her degree for designing, Krishna asserts, “She makes and I market”, they are truly best of the both worlds.

With Atelange it is their vision to promote organically made clothing and support local artists and artisans. With such huge goals they have designed their brand in such a way where they understand that sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive. They have one of the most affordable prices in the market for the top notch quality garments that they sell. They plan to launch more products organically and continue to keep it fully organic cotton with only recyclable materials.

Closet Essentials and funky casuals is what Atelange is best at. Stay tuned to see what the studio pumps out next. If you want to save your planet while still looking chic and smart, this is your chance to invest into comfortable, affordable and 100% organic cotton t-shirts right away. In fact they are on sale right this moment, You might just make it if you buy now: