First Poster Out from Hardeep Grewal’s ‘Batch 2013’, Expectations are more than ‘Tunka-Tunka’!

We all are known  to the versatality of Hardeep Grewal,  whether in songs or in movies, he always did his best. Once again Hardeeep Grewal is all set to make audience happy with his upcoming movie ‘Batch 2013’. Lately, the first look of Hardeep Grewal from ‘Batch 2013’ is out . Hardeep Grewal shared the official poster of the movie on his official Instagram account. 
From the poster, we can have an idea that this film is going to be a far beyond the trends of Pollywood cinema. Indeed, Hardeep Grewal is setting the banchmarks through his songs and films both. As the poster depicts Hardeep Grewal did hard work for this look. Moreover he also mentioned in his social media post that he has gained weight from 75 to 98 KG for this movie and his whole team did not compromised for even a single shot of the movie.
Now lets talk about the creadits of the movie, we will see Hardeep Grewal playing lead role in the movie. Apart from Hardeep, we will see Neeta Mohindra, Dr. Sahib Singh,Paramveer Singh, Hasheeen Chauhan, Manjit Singh, Harinder Bhullar and Preet Bhullar playing pivotal roles in the movie. ‘Batch 2013’ is helmed by Garry Khatrao and he is also the Editor of the movie. However, the story of the movie is penned by Hardeep Grewal. ‘Batch 2013’ is bankrolled by Hardeep Grewal.
Further, we will listen vocals of Hardeep Grewal, Kanwar Grewal and Davi Singh (The Landers) in the songs of the movie. Finally if we talk about the release date of the movie, it is also revelaed on the poster. ‘Batch 2013’ is going to hit the theaters on 9th September 2022 under the banner of Hardeep Grewal Productions. Meanwhile, we do not have to wait much to watch this movie in cinema halls. 
In these days, when Pollywood movies are not performing so well in the cinemas, Hardeep Grewal taking a risk to realease his movie in cinemas. So let us know in comment section that what reason you have to watch this movie in cinema halls…

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