Flowers in modern life vs. Ancient time

Flowers are presented to loved ones in today’s society to assist communicate human emotions. Flowers can be given to anyone at any time to communicate your undying love or thanks for a friend. Was this, however, always the case? The act of offering flowers, like anything else, has a long history. With that in mind, let’s look at how floral gifting has evolved over time.

Flowers were an important part of social traditions in ancient Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt, as evidenced by history, myths, and stories. Flowers were the most common way for people to convey their feelings during these times. Furthermore, Greek mythology is replete with references to specific flowers representing gods and goddesses.

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The custom of offering flowers persisted into the Middle Ages, particularly among the English and French. It is thought that the practise of assigning a meaning to each species of flower began in Europe when it was observed in Turkey.

Flowers in modern life vs. Ancient time

This was also a common habit among Victorians. It was thought impolite to express feelings in words during the Victorian era. People expressed their feelings by giving flower bouquets as a result of this. Furthermore, the Victorians had a number of flower-giving laws. For example, if someone purchased a beautiful bouquet of roses from a florist and delivered it to the recipient upside down, the recipient would be furious. This is because if red roses were given upside down, they were supposed to represent anger.

The tradition of giving flowers as a gift is still practised today. Giving flowers or bouquets, on the other hand, has a variety of connotations. Furthermore, in today’s society, the dos and don’ts of sending flowers have become more important.

The motivations for offering flowers have also changed over time. While it may have begun as a simple way to demonstrate affection for another person, individuals now give flowers for a variety of reasons. The following are some examples of popular causes and occasions when flowers are given:

Wedding flowers

Funeral flowers

Birthday flowers

Anniversary flowers

Sympathy flowers

Get well soon flowers

Modern people, like the Victorians, see flowers as having several meanings. Red carnations, for example, are thought to represent profound love, white carnations, pure love, and yellow carnations, dejection. Because flowers have so many varied meanings, it’s crucial to consult an experienced florist before selecting flowers for a loved one. A florist can help you select the appropriate flowers for any occasion.