For Poonam Kaur Bindra, the real kick rests in turning a mere passion for cooking into an entrepreneurship career!

Our passion for a certain thing influences the way we live in many ways. Although an invisible thread of longing for a successful career born from a passion remains much more concrete than ever, the reality turns everything upside down for many. However, inconveniences are created by people themselves, and the solution for this remains in the hands of the people. A passion that lives much longer than anything lays the foundation of greater success unmatched by the limits the contemporaries usually follow.

Meet Poonam Kaur Bindra, an influential entrepreneur and author from Nasik who has put forward the most brilliant example of success achieved by following a craze for passion. She is the founder of a cooking guide app named ‘Art of Cooking’. She wrote the book ‘Flavours from an Indian Rasoi’, which serves as a guide to initiate the journey of bringing the best of authentic Indian tastes and extraordinarily delicious international cuisines.

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To learn international cuisines, she completed her cooking lessons at Ducasse Academy, Paris, after which she completely dedicated herself to bringing the best of cuisines to the people.

The app follows a comprehensive approach towards providing a learning platform that encourages people to learn and serve various cuisines that comes with a premium app experience efficiency system.

Being a child who has always been interested in cooking and trying out food from different cuisines, she strived to build a career out of her passion for cooking. The journey was never easy but can be deemed as more or less rewarding in every aspect. Soon, she became a renowned name in the food world. The immense source of inspiration and support from her parents helped her to deal with everything while she was on her way to making a career out of following her passion as a cook.

Being considered one of the most prominent cooks of Punjabi food, Poonam has laid a strong foundation as one of the best cooks in the industry. Focusing on maintaining the never-ending authenticity of Indian cuisines along with the various cuisines from around the world, Poonam has been contributing to the Lokmat Times, Maharashtra for over six years now while also being a part of the Dharti Foundation that is known to offer free food for the needy. She was also interviewed for Femina in July 2022. Poonam aims to feature on the cover of Forbes one day.

For her commendable work and service, Poonam has been appreciated by many for her skills. She further adds, “The passion to achieve something depends on the hard work and determination you put in. Also, everybody can cook. This isn’t something that just comes to you naturally, you work to perfect it. With the very minimum effort you put in, you can create the best food. All you need is a guide that helps you grow unconditionally and perfects your skills to a point that your passion turns into reality”.

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