From a slum to becoming a successful international infopreneur, Raju Gola and his Inspirational Journey

Raju Gola is an inspiring figure to people who are helping people with their dreams. He has achieved various milestones in his life that include various recognitions and credits. Raju is an entrepreneur, infopreneur, author of life changing books, speaker and life coach.

With his 18 years and plus experience, Raju Gola is the owner of various entrepreneurial businesses and start-ups. His businesses are diverse in nature ranging from various sectors, he is the owner of an Online Business Creation Company named Dreamy Grow, he is also the founder of Scholar’s Centre of English Language Pvt Ltd. A company that is focused on mastering communication and enhancing soft skills in order to make you confident and poised. It offers courses to students across the globe, he has currently students enrolled in various courses. He also has started an NGO by the name of Youth Unity Welfare Association (YUWA) that is continuously working for the education of poor kids, thousands of poor kids got benefited by now and the number is increasing continuously.

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He has authored books that talk about life, failures and success. In one of the books titled, ‘Safarnama’ in which he talks about his journey, shares his experiences of becoming an entrepreneur and becoming a person who he is today. Besides, the other books that he has written include Live to Love, Struggle to Win’ a best-seller. His journey of becoming who he is today is not an easy one as he had no entrepreneurial background but yet he started and when he did start from square one, he knew nothing about which direction to follow, which path to choose but slowly and steadily he walked down that path and gained knowledge, learned from his experiences— from both, bitter and sweet.

His family as said did not have any entrepreneurial background, it was merely his entrepreneurial spirit that led him onto the paths of success. He was the youngest among four siblings, born to Mr. and Mrs. Gola. Mr. Gola was an LIC Agent and his mother was a housewife. They have spent the majority of their years living in the slum of Agra, Uttar Pradesh though they were not much financially strong but they all were humble and kind.  “For being humble you do not need to be rich” says Raju Gola.

When he was asked about his family and early education, he said, “In our family out of four siblings I was the only one who could pass high school. In our family, there was a lack of environment in which one could hardly study hence this.” Raju has completed his education in Hindi medium and nobody, well, other than Raju himself knows the importance of having confidence and of being able to speak English fluently. “I did my schooling from Hindi medium and for a significant amount of my life I was an introvert and was unable to communicate with people and unable to speak. I realised then how important it was to have confidence to speak and the importance to speak in English. I have been through all this and I have experienced it and I want no one else to face it or go through the same.”

But as he was not able to speak though he wanted to but the lack of confidence and the hint of self-doubt always remained within him and this always made him sceptical about him and his choices, he was not sure about the decisions he made. He was sure that he wanted to something big in life, something that nobody thought he would be able to do. He started his journey from selling books, he sold books on foot on door-to-door commissions but for straight two months he was not able to sell anything and this was because he was unable to talk to people and this cost him no money for two months. Thereafter he worked in various positions and various places such as Software Marketeer for three months at a very menial salary, although he did not get any proper job because of his English so he decided to learn it and ace it.

Today he has achieved a lot in life, he has been awarded with various honours and titles such as Motivational Speaker Award by Amar Ujala, Emerging Educator Award from Class Plus

Book honour and literature recognition award by NE8X and more. Apart from this he now, has also hosted a live TV Channel show, English-Vinglish that was aimed to help people improve their English and communication skills.

About his future plan Raju Gola is working on his dream project that will be completed by 2023 and will launch in 2023. The aim of the project will be to make One Million Millionaires within 3 years. He has an upcoming webinar, to register, visit;

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