From Dropout to the Top off Entrepreneurship – Meet Suraj Apshinge – the new face of agripreneurs

Suraj Apshinge 24-year-old high school dropout from Tarapur Vidya Mandir and Junior College, Boisar knew he would be a Business tycoon one day at the age of 18 and now bags a turnover of 32 lakhs each year from his Private Firm “the Yuva Company.”

Suraj was the first-ever student to receive a Scholarship for free Education with the help of his teachers due to his brilliant academic records and unstable Financial problems. Despite Getting a scholarship and having an opportunity to use his natural skillset ability to perform best in any given task – He decided to Quit “why” and “how quitting can take you to the top” Suraj says,” I decided to quit as I belonged to a middle-class.

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Maharashtrian family with all the financial burdens you can ever Imagine. I always imagined myself living a luxurious life in future, and I had known my weakness and strength all my life – no one believed me. Still, I knew that I could make this a reality, but traditional education and a stable job weren’t going to be enough for my dreams to come true. So I Started-Up” That’s right, always follow your instincts. Doing this made him go from a local college boy to the youngest two Entrepreneurs in Agriculture and Aquaculture sector, accomplishing goal after goal, enduring failures with a strong mindset and planning to set an example for the rest.

He says,“I will get what I want. a promise to myself helped me to gain inner confidence, achieving what I wanted to give me the mental strength to win again and this craving increased day by day”

 JOURNEY: What internet can Do?

This young man got his startup idea from YouTube. He continuously searched for his passion for Agriculture and Aquaculture startups on the internet. He found a training institute in Lakhisarai, Bihar and BOOKED a slot to study there. After completing the research and study over there, he came back to startup on his own. Every successful startup needs proper training, guidance, land, team members, and heavy capital. Belonging to a middle-class family capital was the main barricade to start something that was never previously done in Maharashtra state – a new technology invented by Israel and never had its startups in India – a very risky move made by him. 3 Just in time, his uncle – Pramod Suryawanshi, decided to help him out.

The first funding came, and the startup was on its legs for a long run in a fraction of months! It was just a matter of time, and the problems knocked on the first day with over 5000 dead fish that they brought to stock the Project! I started from scratch again! But this time, it boosted. In the 2ndharvest period, no fish were found dead, which was the day of joy after a long silence.

After proving that this technology can thrive in India, the project had more than 1k visitors in just a couple of months. He logged into YouTube and started his own Youtube channel to let people know of this technology. People began to look up to him again for the training, Consultancy, project installation and guidance.

After a year of ups and downs, the project firmly set its roots by collaborating with the companies supplying raw materials for the setup and providing them to farmers with affordable prices. The turnover for 2019, 2020, and 2021 were up every year, with 2.5lakhs, 16 lakhs and 32 lakhs, respectively. They are targeting to take this to a million-dollar firm in the coming five years.

MEDIA: Looking at the pace, local media started covering up his success story. And he was in the news. The newspaper “Muktagiri” published him as the glorious title of “THE YOUTH IDOL” in 2020.

Government Recognition: In the 2nd harvest, He was appointed the youngest speaker at Krishi Vidyan Kendra, Baramati. He trains over 100s farmers with the help of the Government. He also guides fishery students for new opportunities in the Aqua sector. What’s the goal! He also added, “Due to the high increase in Global population and decreasing soil fertility, the demand for food production has increased over the years and will keep increasing. Agri sector- It’s going to be a trillion-dollar industry. “It’s time for all Agri and Aqua sectors Entrepreneurs to come together to achieve this goal to end world hunger and keep the rivalries aside. This is something greater than all of us, and we are more than just Competitors.”

The Success Mantra: “ The most important thing for success is free and priceless – that’s your own sheer will to win” – Suraj Apshinge htpps://