From Skies to Health: Meet Kabir Grover, The Pilot and Nutritionist on a Mission to Revolutionise the Indian Fitness Industry

Kabir Grover is a multi-talented individual who is on a mission to promote accurate health and fitness information in India. In addition to being a commercial pilot, he is a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, aspiring businessman, and social media influencer. His Instagram and YouTube channel, @healthbykilo, has been a significant force in debunking scams and misinformation in the health and fitness industry while promoting evidence-based practices.

What sets Kabir Grover apart is his emphasis on the importance of a balanced diet and consuming authentic protein brands, as opposed to harmful supplements that could damage one’s health. He understands the impact of a sedentary lifestyle and aims to create awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Kabir Grover also recognizes the importance of building a trustworthy brand that offers genuine products and services. He is committed to promoting accurate and evidence-based practices while calling out wrong information, thereby creating a safer environment for the health and fitness community in India.

Aside from debunking myths, Kabir Grover provides advice on the latest research and papers to enable people to make informed decisions about their health. He has initiated the People and Supplements series to educate people about supplement basics while focusing on mental health and physical well-being.

Kabir Grover champions fitness and aims to create a positive environment for everyone to learn and benefit from accurate health and fitness information. His dedication to promoting authentic brands and removing negativity is making a significant impact in the health and fitness industry in India.