Garry Rauni, an Actor, Director, Writer, and Model with Breathtaking Good Looks, is the Epitome of Intelligence !

Garry Rauni is perfect example of being versatile and keeping it to the higher level. Garry Rauni is emerging as an actor and worked as Editor and Director as well. Be it in technicalities or creativity, he gives his best efforts to his work. Garry always use to say “I never dreamt of Success, I Just Worked Hard for it”. Even while maintaining hectic life schedule Garry never miss his Gym and morning exercise. You can check his social media by clicking on the link given below

At the young age of 16 Garry stepped into film line and worked as video editor and director in various short films. In 2016, he officially come into industry and made video Documentary as Director, he participated in Film Festival and won Award for Best Film Documentary from Famous Bollywood Director Om Prakash Mehra. From 15000 Films only 10 films were selected including Garry Rauni’s Film. Garry was the only one from Punjab who won this Award.
Further, after winning this Garry worked with Satellite Channel ‘V’ and made Advertisements and Short Videos for them. Apart from this, Garry Rauni worked as Director in Punjabi Music Videos and also made his featuring in these Songs. Garry Rauni is perfect example of versatility and his hard work, dedication and Drop-dead gorgeous looks works as ‘Cherry on the Cake’. Garry is currently working on his acting skills and have big projects in the pipeline.

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