Geet Dholi’s Spoiler Alert; What new plan does Simone has to enter Mehra’s house?

20th October 2022 | Geet Dholi’s narrative has taken the most unexpected turn since Simone has excelled herself in her vengeance by crashing into the Mehra House and upsetting Geet and Malhar’s life.

Karvachauth was recently celebrated at Mehra House with great excitement, but the happiness was never meant to last in their lives for a long time. In today’s episode, Simone has hatched a new, evil scheme in which she finally decides to get married, but the twist in her marriage decision is the groom she picks, who will shock and stun the Mehra family. As Simone has all her plans plotted to poison Geet and Malhar’s lives, what will be her next step as she enters the family? Who is the groom that Simone has chosen to marry? What other plans does Simone have to set the lives of Geet and Malhar on fire? Know more and break your curiosity by watching today’s episode of Geet Dholi at 8 PM on Zee Punjabi.

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