Get a chance to redefine your career from this innovative startup led by a young entrepreneur Abhishek Sharma from Jammu and Kashmir.

Skill Mapp is an EdTech startup that can change our whole perspective of following our passion and achieving success in any field. Skill Mapp helps you to decide your career aspiration and builds a personalized roadmap to achieve that. Weekly tasks and well-structured frameworks will never let you lose track of your journey to success.

A survey suggests that only 7.4% of students can achieve their goals. The reason that 92.6% of people don’t achieve their desired goals is not a competition but not having the correct track at the correct time.

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A study shows that 87% of students don’t have any career goals. As the founder says, “No matter how fast we run, we will never win until the effort is in right direction”.

Abhishek Sharma, a young entrepreneur from Jammu & Kashmir, and his friend Vikas Sharma started working to find the root cause of this problem. He founded an organization along with his friends named BUCK (Boosting up career and Knowledge) when he was in college in 2016. They organized awareness camps in rural areas, and later on, this organization also opened schools in rural parts of J&K. 

In 2017 he graduated as a civil engineer and started working in the construction business. He stated that “Our schools needed financial support and our team decided to fund our schools ourselves. So, everyone worked hard to arrange funds”. In 2020 he co-founded an EdTech startup named Proxy Gyan with two of his friends, which developed systems that could help students prepare for Civil services exams. In the same year, the pandemic took place, and education suffered the most. His team digitalized their schools and formed a company named Maysan India Pvt. Ltd. to provide IT support to all the schools and educational institutes.

Abhishek mentioned that “Even by doing all this we were not even near our goal. The inequality in the education that a student from small towns faces is ruining their future. In year 2021, I thought to learn more about Entrepreneurship because the vision of making a network of all the resources available for students can only be fulfilled by entrepreneurship.”

He came in touch with Mr. Praful Chhatrapati. He is an award-winning CEO who has also started an initiative named INFLOW INFLUENCERS for guiding young entrepreneurs with his rich experience of 25 years. He mentored Abhishek, and as they shared the same vision, they started working on SKILLMAPP together. Later on, Mr. Ankit More joined their teamHe is the founder of a startup named Reach illumination. He is a psychology test assessment expert and test creator at SORT Professional Development Courses. Then, an IT expert Mr. Anant Kumar, owner of an IT company named Banyan tree, joined SKILLMAPP.

After nine months of research and with all their experience, they developed a method that could cater to all the needs of students and young entrepreneurs.

All the students in class 8th and above are advised not to waste a single minute, start your journey as soon as possible, and get all the benefits of an early starter. As they say, 1% improvement on a daily basis leads to 3600% improvement annually.

Skill Mapp.

Your destiny depends on your choices and goals help to achieve that.