Get future-proofed with Digital Marketing.

Women are a vital part of the digital marketing industry. They makeup half of this industry and are in high demand. Women can bring their own experience and perspective to the table when it comes to digital marketing, which is often lacking in this field. One of such kind is Shama M.

Shama is a digital marketer who has been in the industry for over eight years. She started her career as SEO, Content Writer before moving into digital marketing.

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Shama is one of the few women in digital marketing, and she has made it to the top of her game. She shares her advice on how to be an effective digital marketer with others who are looking to join the industry.

She offers her clients with all kinds of services, from SEO, PPC, CRM, and social media management to content writing. She has made it her mission to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses online through effective online marketing strategies. She has worked with many companies and entrepreneurs to build their brands and enhance customer experience. She is now working as a digital marketing consultant. She understands that content is king and that it needs to be well-written to have an impact on people’s lives. Shama also believes that being successful in digital marketing requires creativity, empathy, and curiosity which are all skills that she possesses as well as uniquely values.

Shama is the founder of H.G Institute Of Digital Marketing Belagavi, established in 2020 to provide digital marketing professionals with the best training and mentorship. She believes that digital marketing is an ever-changing field and want to equip our students with the latest knowledge, skills, and techniques.

The Institute provides courses in the following:

– Digital Marketing



– Web Designing

– Social Media Marketing

– Content Writing and Blogging

– PPC Management

– Facebook Advertising

  • Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

The course curriculum is designed to help students build a strong foundation of digital marketing skills. Specially designed for professionals who want to change their career or start a new one in the field of digital marketing.

Shama’s goal is to help organisations embrace digital transformation by providing digital marketing strategies that are tailored to their needs. She believes that Marketing is not just about creating campaigns but is more about connecting with people personally.

Shama’s extensive knowledge of marketing and digital consulting makes her one of the leading women in this field.

Digital Marketing is a fast-paced industry with a lot of opportunities for growth and development. There are many different roles that a person can fill in the field of digital marketing. The first role is the content creator or writer. They create blogs and other types of content to help promote a company’s product or service. The next role is the social media manager, who manages all of the company’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The last role is an analyst who analyses data to find out what works best for the company. Website