Ghazian Hardware the International Quality Architectural Hardware.

Ghazian Hardware Industries is a reputed and established brand in the field of architectural hardware. They are based out of Aligarh, UP, India. The company has been delivering the best to the customers and gaining trust, and making a trustworthy relationship with the clients.

Building a house requires cement and bricks but to turn that house into a home, the hardware used plays a vital part. Ghazian Hardware is a brand that has been working in this niche for 40 years, and over the period, they are known for the premium quality products that they serve. Hailing from a business background, Sameer and Inaam have worked hard to achieve milestones and set new benchmarks for the company. Inaam says, “We believe in delivering quality to our customers. We are a trusted firm in this field.”

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The remanufactured products at Ghazian Hardware are made from high-quality raw material under experts’ supervision and undergo various stages of quality checks. This makes sure that the quality of the products is not compromised and flawless goods are delivered. Boosting its production and supporting the Make in India campaign Ghazian Hardware Industries has contributed in various ways. Their quality speaks on their behalf. They are known for products like; Curtain Brackets, Handles, Aldrops, Stopper, Furniture Related accessories, and the list goes on.

What makes Ghazian Hardware different from any other venture is that they provide on-time and the same product-perfect goods to your doorstep. “Whenever we deal with a client, the first thing they ask us is will the goods delivered be same as shown and whats the guarantee that they will not be broken or damaged.” Inaam says, he further goes on to add, “These goods are fragile and a lot of things happen, like people are scammed, but we at Ghazian Hardware promise the delivery of the same products without any fault. The boxes in which we deliver are standard quality boxes that are manufactured especially for this. The purpose of this is to deliver goods safely.”

Over time, the company has a huge base of satisfied, loyal customers. Once ordered, clients never complain about irregularities and errors when it comes to transparency. Providing all the details and information about products, payments, and shipping Ghazian Hardware knows what their customers expect from them. A professional and experienced team of individuals working here is always ready to offer you services and enhance your customer experience. 

Built upon people’s trust and support, Ghazian Hardware has become most preferred in India and has a considerable market proportion, especially in South India. Endorsed by renowned personalities and the founder himself is a known artist who has worked with various celebrities, such as Sahil Khan’s Galti, launched in Dubai.

As a registered company, it is selling products on various e-commerce platforms such as Indiamart, Flipkart, Amazon, etc., and is also working on expanding offline business. As part of their expansion programme in the upcoming months, Ghazian Hardware will be an international brand.

From manufacturing to production to distribution, Ghazian Hardware is known for its essence and esteem quality.

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