Gideon Rymbai – a young author and philosophy student from Shillong

Gideon Rymbai is a young author and a Philosophy student living in Shillong,Meghalaya. He has been a curious boy since his birth. He is a person who is always open to learning new things and he is a seeker for knowledge. As a Philosophy student he always looks at problems from a philosophical perspective and aims in providing solutions.

His hobby is writing poems and essays  and he has written a book Pensive Emotions which is available in Amazon, it is a collection of poetry and quotes and deals with his experiences in life. 

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He says he has a strong relationship with the written word and he believes his writing can bring a change in people’s lives.He has also participated as a co author in numerous anthologies from many Publications.

He has been an achiever since his early days. He was ranked in top 100 poets of India organized by Super7 in October 2021. He has also been awarded as the best writer of 2021 by Dream Publishers. He has been awarded as Master of Rhymes 2021 by Shahanshah Publication, National Literature Award 2022 by Shahanshah Publication and Meritorious Literature Star Award 2022 by Sparkling Diamonds Publication . He is also a world record holder , he was awarded as a Global Iconic leader by Forever Star book of Records. Gideon is a generous and very talented soul. He says that he has achieved a lot in a short span of time and will keep achieving more.

His philosophy of life is ” If I want to see changes in the society, I should be the one who should be the change ”  

By the above he means, that he doesn’t look at others to bring changes but he looks at himself and believes that he is the one who can be the change.