Gideon Rymbai says nothing is impossible in life

Gideon Rymbai is a young Author and a Philosopher living in Shillong,Meghalaya ” The Scotland of the East”. He is a person who is always open to learning new things and he is a seeker for knowledge. His interests include music, writing, philosophy and reading motivational books.

Gideon is inspired by the Philosophy of Socrates who was once known as one of the greatest teacher and wisest man, he wants to be a true Philosopher like Socrates in this generation. Gideon wants to restore the beauty of Philosophy and to encourage today’s youth to study Philosophy.

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As a Philosopher Gideon always looks at problems from a philosophical perspective and his aim is in providing solutions to the problems that people are facing in today’s generation.

Gideon says that nothing is impossible in life , if we want to change the world the only thing stopping us from changing is the opinion of others, he says the moment we start thinking for the betterment of everyone, we can change anything.

Gideon’s mission in life is to be the change. As Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”. Gideon believes that he can be the change and he believes that the greatest accomplishment that he can ever achieve in life, is not fame, power or money but to contribute for the betterment of the society and making a difference in people’s life.