Give your Dog a SPA from Professionals: The Dog Studio

Dog Studio Pet Spa is one such initiative established to take care of the needs of our pets, especially cats and dogs. Dog Studio Pet Spa is based in Bengaluru is a team of highly professional and certified groomers that give your pet a look they deserve. With the growing number of pets, Dog Studio started with the mission to provide and meet the grooming and caring demands of the pets. The Dog Studio is one of its kind, and the spa believes in quality over quality. 

People who are always looking for professionals and teams that take care of your dog like no one else, the Dog Studio carters owners’ need and makes sure the pet receives the best premium quality services for their four-legged-one-tailed family member—giving them treatment and care they deserve. The core principle on which Dog Studio works is the comfort, safety, and cleanliness of your pet, and it is made sure that while offering any services is at the peak of his comfort. Dog Studio provides various services for the dogs, and one can choose packages or individual services as per the needs. Every dog is different, and special dogs are treated uniquely and especially by groomers. The Dog Studio makes sure that the customer is given merit service and is satisfied to the core. One can customise packages depending on breed, weight, hairstyle, the lifestyle of the pet, and the team is all set to give a refreshing look to your dog. 

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The Dog Studio offers quick services like maintenance, sanitary trim, and incredible pawdicure for your dogs. The Dog Studio is ready to serve you anytime. The services offered are clearly on an appointment basis. All the provided services are highly researched and unique for every dog so that they are refreshed every time they go with the craving to come back. Apart from these services, The Dog Studio also provides various types of massages to the dogs, such as calming, pain relief, healing, antiseptic, etc., at very affordable prices. More information about the same can be availed from The Dog Studio’s website. 

With the mission to provide the best of best services to dogs and to let professionals handle the pet as for owners some time it can be irritating and time-consuming hence to let dogs enjoy the process of grooming and spa the experts of the Dog Studio make them enjoy the process with the blend of knowledge and experience, they have. From shampoo to conditioning the fur, everything is taken care of. The Dog Studio’s team says, “Learn the terminology used in this field so that you know exactly what to ask when you arrive at the salon.” This is because to provide your dog exactly what they need. 

The world-class facility of The Dog Studio provides a clean, comfortable and relaxed place for your dog to enjoy it and make a face that is sweet and happy with tongue outside. 

The Dog Studio remarks that “becoming a groomer requires a lot of hands-on-training, beginning with taking a grooming course to learn the basics: how to use the tools and the different cuts for the hundreds of dogs breeds you’ll be working with” subsequently The Dog Studio Grooming Academy provides pet grooming course for those who are interested and are planning to choose an unconventional path for their career. 

You can learn more about it at the following links:

Website: The Dog Studio-Pet Spa 

Facebook: The Dog Studio Pet Grooming Academy