Glam Gift, the Most Preferred Personalised 3D Gift Platform

Gifts are a part of life. They are a great way to express affection and care towards our loved ones. Undoubtedly, personalised gifts have become a massive player in the gift-giving world. With the growth of technology, the personalised industry has grown multi-fold, with 3D printing taking the prime spot in this segment. Glam Gift’s rise marks the beginning of an eventful journey. It is expected to positively impact the landscape of the online personalised gifting space in the e-commerce ecosystem. 

What is Glam Gift?

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Glam Gift is an online Gifting brand, primarily shipping to Indian customers, committed to delivering Innovative Personalised Gifts to its customers. Glam Gift was founded in the year 2021 by four talented and creative entrepreneurs working day in and day out to offer premium, high-quality gifts to their customers. They provide a range of gift items, including 3D Printed Miniatures – from Human Figurines to models of Cars, Bikes, Pets and everything you can imagine, 3D Printed Moon Lamps, 3D Printed Illusion Lamps, Shadow Box, Digital Oil Canvas Paintings, Illustrations and More.

Within a short period of its launch, Glam Gift has built a huge base of satisfied customers who are in love with the art and creativity that is reflected in their work. The unique and hi-tech 3D printing and manufacturing capability of Glam Gift has enabled them to produce gifts of the finest quality.

How does Glam Gift work?

Glam Gift is driven by technology, creativity, passion and the customer’s choice of personalisation. When a customer orders a 3D Printed Gift, it goes through an intensive process of detailing and quality checks.

Depending on the product, it typically takes around 20-30 days from the day a customer places their order. The 3D printed product is modelled, designed, reviewed, manufactured, painted and dispatched to their address.

  • Order: The first thing that happens is that a customer places an order by selecting the gift size they need and providing a few photographs of their choice. The gift is customised as per the pictures and suggestions provided by the customer, and the customer’s job is done.

  • Design and Review: The next step in the miniature making is designing. The experienced designers and illustrators at Glam Gift, with the help of 3D programming software, design the 3D model for the gift for customers’ feedback.

  • Printing: The most vital part of the process is 3D printing. In this process, the 3D model is printed using advanced 3D Printers. The printing is done in such a manner that even the minute details from the picture are shown and worked upon. The printing is done with the aim of providing the highest quality and resemblance.
  • Final Touch: Once the printing is done, the last step of polishing and colouring the miniature and giving it a realistic look is carried out. The trained professionals colour and polish the miniature and provide the finer details like colours of clothes, jewellery, scene-setting etc.

After these processes, the miniature goes through the final stage of extensive quality check to the extent that the entire process is re-done if there is even a slight variation in the details. Post the review and approval, the product is shipped with love and care via our trusted logistics partners.

What can a customer expect from Glam Gift?

Glam Gift is a customer-centric company. Customer’s satisfaction is their priority. Even during the pandemic, they ensured that the orders being placed were delivered on time. Team Glam Gift says, “During covid, we faced issues in production, with our artists falling sick. To top it all, we also faced problem with logistics. It became a huge challenge to ensure the products reach the customers on time as delivery was hampered by frequent lockdowns. Despite all the issues our team made all possible efforts to make the customer’s gifting experience a memorable one.” 

To make sure the experience is not ruined by any unavoidable circumstances caused during delivery, Glam Gift offers No Questions Asked Free Transit Insurance on top of their Free Shipping Policy.

With their innovative approach to developing unique gifts, Glam Gift aims to revolutionise the personalised gifting space with the advent of modern and innovative technology.

You can follow them on Instagram at, and if you love their offerings, you can place your order at

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