Glenn Armstrong paving the way for upcoming property investors all across the world

Glenn Armstrong is one of the most inspiring and the most prominent entities for Property Investments in the entire UK. He has a huge property portfolio around the world and is regarded as a highly successful individual. The Founder of The Property Millionaire Academy and a Mentor to several people, Glenn has helped over 96 people from around the world to become Property Millionaires. His expertise and experience both aid him in achieving his goals. 

He set up The Property Millionaire Academy as a way to educate those interested in property investments. Today one of his most sought after strategies (out of the many he teaches) is Delayed Completions, it is the most famous because it can easily be applied to all projects- Commercial and Residential. 

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Glenn is a man of high tastes, he shares his luxurious lifestyle on his various social media accounts and keeps his followers updated. His love for food and watches is very visible throughout his profile. However, it is his book that has captured people’s attention.

Published in 2017, Glenn’s book titled  “How To Become a Property Millionaire” holds accounts of the various obstacles and experiences that he has gone through in his life. This real estate Mogul built his empire from ground up- at the age of 29 when he made his first million, to when he lost it and later re-established himself in the industry by starting with investments in homes and developing his assets portfolio to becoming theproperty investment expert- is all in there. 

He has furthered his ideologies and strategies that he learnt from his own life skills and has coached several people into varied successful businesses. As of now, he is working on innumerable real estate deals that span across all of Europe and USA. The future holds the door open for him with great opportunities.