“Global peace Award” received by Padmashree Brahmeshanandacharya in Global peace summit, Dubai

It is the responsibility of religious leaders to promote peace in society, and to preach knowledge of spirituality in order that mankind leads a peaceful life. Peace is not something that one can experience externally but has to be felt from within. Only then it will be exuded. So it’s a requirement for leaders of the community to reach out to each and everyone to make them understand the value of peace and unity in life irrespective of different religions and castes in society. People should take initiative to preserve humanity. It is very gratifying that Dubai is becoming a global center for peace initiatives, addressed spiritual Leader Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji in the Global Peace Summit 2022, organized by the Council for Universal Peace at the World Trade Center, Dubai under the slogan “End Racism, Build Peace”  on the occasion of the World Day of Peace celebrated on 21st September 2022.

In recognition of the revolutionary divine work for peace, unity, and humanitarian cause to uplift society at the national and international level, Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji was honored and conferred with the “Global Peace Award” by the Council for Universal Peace. On this occasion Sheikh Ubeel Al Maktoum, Khaled Al Maina, Rashid Al Noori, Dr. Donnie Thomas, Adv. Brahmideviji Secretary – International Sadguru Foundation Goa, Dr. Swapnil Nagvekar – President UAE Council Dubai, and dignitaries from various fields were present.

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It isn’t the first time Sadguru has taken steps to ensure world peace and the world facilitated his remarkable contributions. In 2015, Sadhguru was horned by British Parliament with the title ‘Ambassador of Peace. He played a significant role in smoothening the relationship between Srilankan Hindus and Buddhists, which indeed cooled the communal riots in Srilanka. For his efforts in bringing peace to the Srilankan community, The Mahabodhi Society  (Sri Lanka) honored Sadguru with the title of  ‘International Peace Promoter’ in the year 2016. These are just a few remarkable hormones of Sadguru which are associated with World Peace.

There is no doubt that the world needs such spiritual leaders who act as an ambassador of peace and religious harmony. Sadhguru always preaches the concept of ‘ Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ which translated to “World Is A Family”, and symbolizes every human as a part of the universal family. His question to the world is very simple, “If every human on this planet is part of the same family, who are we fighting with, and what are we fighting for”, he believes world peace is as far as people finding the answer to this question. He continues to show the right path for generations to follow. https://srigurudev.org/