“Global Trade Plaza emerges to be the One-Stop Solution for Indian Exporters & Businesses.”

Digitalisation has affected every industry there is, and it is not going to slow down. The business-to-business sector, including import and export, is no stranger to the positive facets of digitalisation. This has created an environment of ample opportunities but also intense competition.

Small and medium scale businesses and new companies find it difficult to establish themselves in the market and attain a distinguished position. What they need is a platform from where they can reach their potential customers and cultivate strong working relationships within the industry. 

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Global Trade Plaza is an innovative B2B platform established to address every hardship faced by not just Indian SMEs and exporters but also emerging businesses from any corner of the globe. 

The Pandemic left many businesses crumbling and on the verge of closing down. The Global Trade Plaza team identified this issue and introduced various solutions to address the same. Their interactive and streamlined B2B Portal, along with their cost-effective services, are a godsend for businesses that want to break the pattern and succeed. 

A glance at some of the services offered by Global Trade Plaza-

  • Free access to a phenomenal base of National and Overseas Buyers
  • Free and Direct communication channels with relevant buyers
  • Sales-qualified leads 
  • Free Product Listings
  • Free Marketing and Promotion
  • Business Consultation and Guidance 
  • 24 by 7 Support Availability 

Global Trade Plaza is a well-structured global B2B marketplace where sellers can exhibit their products and services to a national and international customer base and evade the conventional market’s competitive nature. They have a surplus of active buyers and reputable sellers and also ensure secure payment channels.

In their marketplace, suppliers and exporters can leave behind problems such as language barriers, clashes of shipping terms, payment methods and more. They have a solution for these and almost every conventional problem you can think of in a B2B transaction. Also, in a unique and first-of-its-kind feature, they facilitate quick and direct communication between sellers and buyers with similar interests irrespective of region, size, language and channel. The icing on the cake? This feature is available for everyone without any cost and can therefore be utilised by free members. 

The qualified team of experts at Global Trade Plaza has individuals with years of industry expertise that they leverage to meet clients’ requirements. They have a skilled group of SEO and marketing professionals who go forth and beyond to deliver extraordinary results. 

It can be exhausting for developing businesses to find profound buyers and resources that do not cost a fortune. There is always one crisis after another. You get buyers? You fail to retain them! You finally retain them? Then, you can’t find new ones! Able to reach potential customers? Don’t know how to convert!

The saga is never-ending. So, if you are looking for a breakthrough and want your business to gain momentum, the answer is Global Trade Plaza. In today’s age, utilising digital channels and portals for the growth of your business is a must. You cannot prosper without it or depend solely on the traditional methods. Furthermore, registering a business on an online platform costs zero and comes with added benefits. It’s a boon for business. 

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