Goutam Mondal – The man behind Holistic Rediscovery shaping the future of students

Holistic Rediscovery is a career counselling ed-tech organization that was founded by Mr. Goutam Mondal with the goal of assisting students with the various career options available, as well as holistic health and positive psychology, and finding the best career options for them based on their feasibility for achieving their goals. Indeed, with the help of career counselling students tend to be better in life and can achieve their goals.

Today’s students are under a lot of pressure. Not only they are expected to perform academically but they are also expected to balance their extracurriculars all in the hopes of finding a career path that will lead to a happy and a successful future. The eminent Career Expert Mr. Goutam Mondal founded Holistic Rediscovery to help the students explore career options that match their interests and passions. He helps students navigate the stressful decisions which include career discovery, with the recommendation of courses and volunteer opportunities that may help students cement or redefine their career goals.

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With over 20 years of rich experience in the IT Industry, Mr. Goutam Mondal is a certified Career Counsellor from the University of California, Los Angeles and the founder and director of India’s one of the rising career counselling ed-tech organisations located in Kolkata, West Bengal. For over 20 years he has worked with various IT firms till he discovered his knack for contributionto societyby connecting students with opportunities across countries and cultures.

Mr. Goutam’s organisation Holistic Rediscovery follows systematic processes to guide students for taking an informed career decision. He along with a team of educational counsellors not only guide the students but also give them confidence and encourage them to make the right career choice. It’s a matter of fact, in today’s competitive world, every youngster faces problems while choosing the best course for their career due to improper guidance. As the number of students are increasing day by day there are more students who are confused about their career paths and require the right career guidance.

One of the top career counselling ed-tech organisations in India, Holistic Rediscover offers career guidance, Assessment, Assessment with Career Counselling, Assessment with Career Counselling + 1 Year Assistance, a career library, and career boosters, and profile building.

Mr. Goutam Mondal says “Getting the benefit of career counselling is the right of every child and as parents or teachers it is our duty to ensure that they get it so, not because they must understand themselves better but we must also ensure proper selection of career for them”

Contact for one free session: www.holisticrediscovery.com