Groovedev; Music Beyond Genres

Groovedev is a remarkable artist who has effectively united two different universes. He is the man liable for making crowds around the world, awakened to what could best be named a two-crease combination of Bollywood beats and electronic dance music.

Needless to say, all the while, he has won many hearts and has topped numerous Bollywood music outlines. His relentless soul to continually find new and enchanting music for his audience members, combined with his lively energy and an enviable ear for top-notch music, have guaranteed that the power of this enthusiasm of his life is passed on to one and all.

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Groovedev is a phenomenon to be reckoned with.

Having continually endeavoured to break boundaries Groovedev has everlastingly pushed the innovative envelope. He is known to be the “King Of Remixes”. Unknotting the exceptionally linguistic string of music his spirit uncovering, foot-thumping sounds have procured him a spot. Groovedev has figured out how to make music that holds the tune of the melodies and makes them as contemporary as they really can be.

The pattern of remixing old melodies began acquiring fame in the 90s. However, Groovedev has taken remixing to the next level as of now. The remixes are a lot in line with the current requests of individuals who need to be set free to EDM. The DJ parties are going on at every one of the spots including family functions, college fests and so forth. There are numerous remixes of him which have earned more than 1 M perspectives on YouTube. He is a profoundly regarded DJ who is known to make great remixes.

Infusing the emotions behind a soulful deep house with the vivacity of a future house. Groovedev’s powerful, uplifting vocals beautifully complement the burst of euphoria offered by the melodic drop.

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