Groovenexus Records: An Authentic Digital Hub of Fresh Talent to Win Your Heart

All music artists can connect on Groovenexus, a digital platform where they can showcase their talents and establish a distinctive presence in the music industry. This digital platform was established in 2019 by three great music lovers, Himanshu Mishra, Nishant Mishra, and Prabhanjan Deshpande. In this online music-loving community, musicians of all genres are welcome, including singers, rappers, instrumentalists, DJs, and even bands. New artists emerge every year, each winning the audience’s hearts with their original music and talents. 

Thanks to Groovenexus, young musicians have the option to create their own brand names and identities. Fans of music are listening to the platform more frequently, and they are encouraging the artists to develop their careers. Currently, 25+ young and aspiring musicians from all over the country are working with Groovenexus because they are passionate about music. The key artists in this community are KingAP, Mukul Kumar, Traxeon, Aditya, Harshita Barnwal, Rohit Pandey, and Swattrex. The counts for “Chupke se,” “Teri kami,” and “Insane” each exceeded one million views, and they are still rising. 

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The beautiful love song “Insane,” which has received over a million views and won listeners over with its catchy beats, calming lyrics, and superb cast, is featured on King AP’s “2K16” debut album. King AP and Traxeon have constantly written fantastic lyrics and music as a team. Another wonderful song is “Ek Shaam.” This song, created by King AP, Harshita Baranwal, and the Traxeon team, is a unique choice if you’re seeking something special to share with your special someone on Valentine’s Day. DJ Rawking, Mika Singh’s official DJ, has just released his own single, “Teekhi Teekhi,” on Groovenexus Records, just in time to warm up the cold season.

Himanshu Mishra, a passionate man from Delhi who started it all, was the catalyst for everything. After he completed college, Madhusudan Mishra and Sushma Mishra (his parents) never allowed him to work as a DJ. Engineer Himanshu Mishra, an alumnus of the Delhi College of Engineering (IPE), made a contribution to the IT sector. After spending 17 years in the IT industry, he made the decision to follow his passion and build a superb digital platform for all the country’s musicians in 2019.

Co-founder Himanshu Mishra shared the following views on the launch of Groovenexus on February 17th, 2019: “Being an alumnus, and having been the Central Counselor at DCE, I always felt the need to create a platform that connects everyone through music. Launching GrooveNexus at the same place and event, and that too around Quintino’s grooving EDM music, was the perfect thing to do. GrooveNexus, I see a huge opportunity, especially with millennials and Gen Z, and we have built an interesting model that works well for artists and fans alike.”

The digital audience can enjoy listening to original and exclusive songs from artists across genres thanks to their music promotion platform. The official website provides information for the general audience about song releases, music artists, career advice, and song reviews. They also share music-related news, stories, and information on their many social media sites. Himanshu Mishra believes that since his parents didn’t encourage him to pursue music as a career because of limited opportunities at that time, no other child should ever experience the same situation.

GrooveNexus is a media and entertainment company. DJ Himanshu Mishra founded it on Mar 1, 2019, in Delhi, India. It deals in music promotion and distribution services. GrooveNexus is the first choice for artists and music producers to distribute their music globally.