Growth has a new name in South India and it is “G Square”

The real estate company has been steadily expanding their reach in the Southern part of India. With more exciting projects in the pipeline, G Square is likely to remain the most dominating real estate player in South India.

Buying real estate has always been a dream for us Indians. When it comes to stability and steady returns, what better option than real estate? However, post the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, people’s spending capacity took a hit. As a result, they are more hesitant about investing in real estate. This had resulted in a slump in the real estate market.

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However, there is one company that has managed to prosper even in these dark times. We are talking about South India’s oldest and most reliable real estate brand- “G Square”. The company has been a trusted name in the real estate market for more than a decade and has served thousands of elated customers. They also boast of an illustrious clientele that includes companies like CEAT, Murugappa, JK Tyres and many more.

We list out the factors that make G Square distinct from their competition.

  1. Customer is the king

When a company is new, they always think about the needs of the customer. But as the company gets older, their priorities change. This is a trap that can harm your company. G Square Housing has always prioritised the needs of their customers above all else. That is why, the company offers amenities and luxuries that are hard to find. Walk into their swanky plots in Chennai and you will find amenities like swimming pool, relaxation centres, yoga room, indoor gym etc. Considering the competitive prices that are offered, it is not surprising that customers are swarming the G Square Housing offices.

  • Steady expansion

G Square Housing does not want to restrict themselves to one particular market. The company has been systematically expanding their reach. After receiving fabulous response in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the company has expanded their reach to cities like Hyderabad, Ballari etc.

Not only that, G Square Housing has also been expanding into tier 2 cities like Mysuru and Coimbatore. After the development of the Western Ring Road, the demand for quality real estate projects in Coimbatore has been on the rise. G Square Housing is likely to fulfil this demand.

Similarly, there is a high demand for real estate in the city of Mysuru in Karnataka. This demand has further increased after the development of the Bengaluru Mysore Corridor. Considering the traffic in Bengaluru and the reduction in commute time, more and more people are looking at cities like Mysuru as residential options.

  • Not your average Real estate brand

G Square Housing is unlike any of its competitors. Whether it comes to offering amenities or targeting cities that are not famous for their real estate, G Square Housing has always managed to think outside the box. Their CEO, Mr N Eshwar has always been clear that the ultimate boss of the company are the customers. As long as the customers are happy, nothing can stop the company’s progress.

G Square Housing prioritises the customers above all else. That is why, all the plots are come with pre-approved RERA and HMDA. This ensures that the customer does not have to run around government offices and waste their precious time and money.

The company has also chosen MS Dhoni as their brand ambassador. Signing such a popular and admired personality also adds to the trust and goodwill of the company.


G Square Housing has emerged as the most trustworthy and dependable name in South India. Even after serving millions of happy customers, the company is far from done. Their steady expansion plans will likely ensure that more and more customers across the country are benefitted from their wonderful schemes.