Guide to Buy an EV: All Specs and Features of Electric Scooter Online

Electric bikes and scooters have become popular means of transportation in the current times. These are minimal maintenance EVs that provide users with a wide variety of features. Additionally, electric bikes and scooters are eco-friendly, making them smarter and more reasonable vehicles in the present time.

The best part about electric bikes and scooters is you won’t require any license if the top speed of two-wheeler is 25 km/h . Thus, the electric scooter company has you covered in case you don’t have a driver’s license yet. You can ride them without fretting. It is essential to learn about the electric scooter company that will fit all your EV needs. Therefore, if you are looking to buy an electric scooter online then you might benefit from the following guide to buying an EV. So read on!

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  1. Price

In the twenty-first century, EVs are a hot topic of debate and discussion. Although they are not new to the market but costlier at times than your combustion engine scooters. Therefore, you should research the affordable yet superior quality electric scooter company while looking for an electric scooter online. This will ensure that you make the right purchase and get the best deal possible on electric bikes and scooters.

  1. Tax Benefit

The Indian government is promoting its citizens to choose electric bikes and scooters considering the growing concern for environmental preservation. Consequently, people making EV purchases would benefit under Section 80EEB. According to this, EV owners can avoid paying tax on the interest payments on loans obtained to buy electric bikes and scooters up to Rs. 1.5 lacs.

Contact your electric scooter company to learn more about the conditions to get tax benefits and buy-back offers.

  1. Range

At present, the electric scooter company in India offers a range of electric bikes and scooters from 50 km to 200 km. It is one of the essential things to look for in your scooters. It is important to check for the actual mileage offered by electric bikes and scooters. Check with your electric scooter company to know the actual mileage. Certain companies offer swappable or extra batteries to make charging hassle-free.

  1. Features

You can always reach out to the electric scooter company to learn about the features and specifications or look for them online. However, there are some common features to look for when buying electric bikes and scooters such as:

  • Boot space: Certain electric scooters provide a good amount of boot space to accommodate your luggage. This is why you must look for this feature when making an electric scooter purchase.
  • Ride ergonomics: After taking a test drive, it is crucial to determine whether your vehicle is comfortable.
  • Riding modes: Electric bikes and scooters come with many riding modes such as power or eco mode that offer more range.
  • Display: Display is an attractive feature of electric bikes and scooters. Most of them come with digital displays that offer information such as battery info, GPS, etc.
  • Mobile Connectivity: Electric scooter companies offer their respective mobile apps that make accessing various details about your EV easier.
  • Navigation: Electric scooters include built-in navigation systems that make it easier to find your way around.
  • Charging ports: Electric bikes and scooters come with a minimum of one charging port to aid in charging your electronic items like smartphones or wireless headphones etc.
  • Charge Time

The charge time or the time taken by the scooter to charge completely is an essential feature when purchasing an EV. The process of charging your electric bikes and scooters is similar to charging any other electronic device. However, it is advised that you opt for an electric scooter that offers less charging time and greater range. The electric scooter company Lectrix EV offers you some stunning-looking electric bikes and scooters. You can choose from their range of colours and pick the one that defines you. Lectrix EV provides advanced anti-theft features to keep your scooter safe. Hence, following the above-mentioned guide you can choose an electric scooter that best suits your needs and style.