Gurgaon Based Real Estate Inventory Platform, TERRAGI.IN secures INR 10 Million in pre-series funding is a unique and first of it’s kind B2B Inventory Platform which connects brokers directly with builders.

The INR 10 million raised by, Terragi Tech Solution Pvt Ltd., from a group of strategic HNWIs in pre series will be spent on strengthening the leadership team, product development, tech advancement and expansion of the Gurugram sales & starting Delhi NCR operations.

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<strong>Gurgaon Based Real Estate Inventory Platform, TERRAGI.IN secures INR 10 Million in pre-series funding</strong>

The proptech solution platform,, co-founded by Mr. Navin Ratra, a real estate veteran along with Mr. Karunaniddhan Midha and Mr. Bipin Taneja, was launched in December 2022. The android app is already available on the play store and the IOS app is under development and should be available soon.

Terragi works as a bridge between brokers and builders and allows easy conversation between brokers and builders. The company has onboarded 80+ brokers and is helping them save huge operational costs of surveyor’s salaries.

Mr. Navin Ratra, Co-Founder and CEO, a real estate veteran with over 3 decades of experience, while talking about the evolution of Terragi as an inventory platform, further adds “the journey and process of evolution of Terragi are mirrored in the early adoption by leading market brokers. The validation by our early customers proves that there was room for such a niche platform to disrupt the real estate space. The niche inventory platform is already successfully making broking convenient with the help tech intervention”.

From hiring a team of all skilled individuals, assuring the usage of modern technological advances, and making sure to make the best use of it, the company has focused on the maintenance of everything to attending to the requirements to build a stronger inventory and sales teams. Providing Proptech solutions and making efforts to redefine inventory management, the platform was initially launched with over 8000 builder floor inventory data for 49+ micro markets residential localities. 

Mr. Karan Midha, Co-Founder, further states that “the real estate landscape and orthodox ways of real estate processes will change now and the early adopters will clearly stand to gain. And eventually the end user will benefit too from this paradigm shift in way the broker fraternity operates”.

The company plans to expand pan India by 2026, starting with Delhi NCR in the beginning of next FY and evolve as a 360-degree inventory platform also offering CRM, pre and post sales both, solutions. The company plans to make the platform far more technologically advanced and thereby, far more useful for all the brokers.

“We are confident of Terragi successfully helping our subscribers dominate builder floor sales as the intital trends, thanks to our analytics, point to that direction. The next step is to expand the reach beyond Gurugram while keeping the focus on enhancing the product and services portfolio”, adds Mr. Bipin Taneja, Co-Founder.

The funds raised will be spent on product development and tech advancement, scaling current sales operations and expansion into Delhi. While customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the company, the founders are focused on revolutionizing the way the real estate market works currently. They want to see the brokers break the shackles of being termed hyper local.