Gurugram Doctor Honored with Physio Ratan Award:

In Physiotherapist Camp organized by the Magh Mela Prayagraj by Physiotherapist Welfare Association Prayagraj, Gurugram’s senior physiotherapist and founder Prognosia Healthcare Dr. Sarvotam Chauhan has been honoured with the ‘Physio Ratan Award’ from the Association, Physio Ratan award is awarded only to selected individuals who have contributed significantly to the profession of physiotherapy and mankind are awarded with this recognition for their work. keeping an eye on the social work and awareness given by Dr Chauhan in his field. Wisely awarded many of national awards in last few years. He has done several camps and social awareness program, workshops, conferences in last many years. As per the association this is a great achievement in the physiotherapy world and is very motivating for all of physiotherapists who are working in India or abroad.

 The General Secretary of the association Dr. Santosh Pandey said, that the objective of organizing the camp is to provide free physiotherapy consultation to the devotees who were coming from distances and walked barefoot with lots of injuries to Magh Mela and to educate and highlight the functionality of physiotherapy in other diseases and disorders like neck pain, back pain, joint and muscle pain, soreness, Nerve pain, Cervical Radiculopathy, Osteo Arthritis, Hip Pain , Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain, paralysis, sciatica, covid etc.   Free camps will also be organized by the association on festivals, keeping in mind the protocols of COVID 19 and social distancing.

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Magh Mela was inaugurated by Shri CD Rai, President Judicial Association and Retired. Director Treasurer Shri RS Pandey with Sarasvati Vandana. Physiotherapy Welfare Association President Dr. Surendra Singh and General Secretary Dr. Santosh Pandey, Vice President Dr. Tribhuvan Singh felicitated Physiotherapist doctors from across the country for their excellent work and participation in the field of Physiotherapy.

According to Dr. Santosh Pandey Magh Mela Prayagraj has been serving the devotees who came to the fair free of cost for the last many years and this time the association has given opportunity to the devotees as well as the talented people associated with their physiotherapy profession, who will help them in the coming time. Will bring another ray of hope for him.

The association has placed about 10 categories of awards for different work experience and knowledge, out of which Best Clinician Award Junior and Senior Category, Best Academician Award Male/Female, Professional Contribution Award Junior/Senior Category, Social Excellence Award, Physio Ratan Award, Best Student Award, Innovation Award, Outstanding Leadership Award with nominations as per their criteria, which is a unique experience in itself.

Dr. Sarvotam Chauhan while giving heartfelt thanks to all the members of Welfare Association for this award and he urge to all Physiotherapist in India that they will also promote professional activities like Magh mela and do the awareness camps for social cause he also assured that physiotherapy fraternity will continue working ahead. He is a fellow of Desmotec sports rehab & training Italy and France also credited as a fellow of International Medical Sciences Academy.