“Healing is the new way of evolving,” says Banani Das Dhar, Founder: BananiVista

Everyone on this planet Earth wants to be happy, prosperous, and abundant. People desire to have harmonious relationships, financial independence, and abundance. However, a few of us can achieve our personal and professional goals, and a few struggles to have the desired results that they wish for. 

Why is this so?

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The reason lies within us. Our successes and failures are all part of us. Nothing is external. “It all depends on what we believe and accessing our own inner power to create our own reality,” Banani expressed. 

Banani Das Dhar, founder, BananiVista, a Spiritual mystic, an Educator, an Entrepreneur, a Certified Theta Healer, a Reiki practitioner, Akashic Records Healer, an Angelic Healing, and a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. She consults her clients through tarot and Angel Oracle card readings. 

“Learning is my drug, and I believe in the Power of Love and prefer to call the Sun and the Moon as my father and my mother, respectively. My Angels are my family in addition to my family on this planet Earth. Connecting with the Creator is my favourite thing to do for almost everything- seeking answers, self-healing, and even showing gratitude. Teaching, Self-Healing, and Meditation are something I am deeply passionate about. I love helping and empowering people through “Healing” and “Teaching.”

Ms. Dhar is a mentor at guiding her clients from different parts of the world to find their natural path. Her style of advice combines her gift of intuition with her practice of meditation and empathetic communication. She has clients all across the globe, Canada, Australia, the U.S., Europe, Dubai, Germany, to name a few. 

Banani helps her clients to heal emotionally, physically, and mentally naturally. She believes, follows, and teaches natural healing. Her work involves the brain waves- Theta and Alpha. It helps her clients release the negative belief systems created by them or their ancestors and replace them with new positive ones.  

Angel/Tarot cards are ancient instruments of divinity to connect with our higher consciousness. Banani believes in free will and has helped people transform their lives from deep despair to excel.

She considers her intuition to be the most vital guiding force while doing the readings. She believes it is a gift that has been given, which helps her to help people to overcome their challenges and obstacles in life by providing practical remedies.

She believes in the power of the universe and the mysterious ways it works. You can contact her for marriage consultation, education, career consultation, and love.

Founder of BANANI VISTA, a knowledge-sharing platform through which Banani strives to help people INSPIRE, TRANSFORM & EMPOWER.

Banani, a novelist, authored the book “EMOTIONS & ELATION” available on Amazon (paperback & kindle). She was awarded by MSME World in appreciation of achievement in Entrepreneurship.

Banani’s work has been published in prestigious newspapers, magazines & journals, being Femina, The Bold Outline, Deccan Herrald & The New Indian Express, to name a few.

Banani, through her organization has also conducted philanthropic activities for various NGOs. She is looking to collaborate with more such organizations to give back to the universe.

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