How a Startup from Bihar is Empowering Youths with its Digital Media!

Youngsters want to live life to the fullest without trading out any aspect of life. Today world is changing at a drastic pace and the 21st Century is predicted to be the century of India but comparatively the adaptation pace of the change is slow.A large number of Youths are juggling between studies, work, and life.Youngsters want a balanced life with work, life, information, entertainment, and growth for their future. Youths are also deviated due to lack of information and misinformation.

A Digital Media startup from Bihar Youthentic.In  finds a creative way to inform, entertain, engage and authenticate and channelize youngsters in right direction towards living life to the fullest with growth.

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Idea started with a mission of empowering youngsters with work-life balance and future growth and it came with a Digital Media Startup from Bihar named consisting of Information, Entertainment, and Development remix to inform, entertain engage and channel the youth in the right direction. comprises filtered and authentic Stories, Videos, and Opportunities to engage, empower and authenticate youths for their life and growth.In additional youthentic is delivering workshops, Consultation, Mentorship Opportunities to Youth for their channelization toward growth.

It started with a 21 Year small-town boy from Gaya, Bihar named Mohit Ranjan who comes from a middle-class family. He dreamed of a vision to make a sustainable ecosystem of Youth and Organisations Together Towards Tomorrow. Mohit Ranjan is a Post Graduate Management Professional studying from Patna, Bihar, and working in the marketing and management domain for 4 Years. A big vision at small age with no funds and a struggle journey of 4 years to a  traction of 7 Million and now the vision seems to come closer day by day. Currently, Youthentic itself is recognized as Startup by Startup India and the Department of Promotion of Industries and Internal Trade and incubated Under Startup Bihar at Bihar Industrial Association. workforce is having post-graduate management professionals, finance professionals, data science and technology experts, creative designers, and mentors counting 7 core team members working on the vision for Together Towards Tomorrow. The interns from top institutes from all over India are empowering the team to achieve the vision of making an ecosystem of 1 Billion Youths and 1 Million Organisations by 2030. is planning to expand by introducing special platforms, marketplaces, and services in upcoming years to provide youths hassle-free single windows for their academic and professional courses, job search, talent audit, hobbies monetization, shopping discounts, and so on.

Towards achieving 7 out of 30 sustainable goals, betterment of society and empowering youths for better future a social wing is running in the parallel named Youthentic Foundation

Youthentic is a product of Youthentic Infotainment Private Limited a company working on delivering innovative creative, media, marketing, I.T, and development services and solutions.

The vision Together Towards Tomorrow is ecosystem of Research, Development, Content and Services for Youths and Organisations by Youthentic Group, making the world a happy place to live and grow.