How Affiliate Marketing Changed Everything, In Talk with Jitesh Sanjay Devrukhkar.

‘Where there is a will, there is a way we have all heard this since our childhood. Today we bring you the live example of the human who has lived to this and continued to live by it. Jitesh Sanjay Devrukhkar. Jitesh is an alumnus of the University of Mumbai. He once had no idea what he was going to do in life, and today he is holding a position where he guides people about earning online and helps them gain proper skills. Jitesh is an Affiliate Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Content Creator. He also helps people with Organic Leads Generation. 

Our team reached out to Jitesh to know about his work and life. Here is a glimpse of our team’s conversation with Jitesh Sanjay Devrukhkar.

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Hello Jitesh, thank you for joining us today. How are you?

Hey! Thank you for having me today. It’s an honour. I’m great.

Jitesh, I’m so looking forward to this session. Shall we begin?

Me too. Yes-Yes, please. 

Jitesh, can you share your family background with us, your education etc.? 

I come from an Indian Middle-Class family, and I have a small family consisting of my parents and a younger sister. I’m from Mumbai, and I’ve completed my higher education at the University of Bombay. I graduated with a B. Com Degree in 2017, and like any other middle-class boy, I used to think of getting a job and a decent salary.

From a job to an affiliate marketer, what changed between the two phases of your life?

Getting a job for me was a huge thing. Before I graduated, I was already doing a job that paid me 5,000 INR and to be honest, I was very much satisfied with it. After graduation, I worked at various places, from a sales role to an accountant for over 2.5 years. During that point, I was very active on social media. I knew I could do something using social media; I was just not sure what. It was the gut feeling that I had. 

What happened thereafter, Jitesh?

In October 2019, I grew frustrated with my job because now I knew this wasn’t meant for me. After quitting my job, I was at home for two months researching things, and that is when I came across earning online. I was fascinated when I came across this.

When I left my job, my sister got her job. When I was working, I bought a two-wheeler; it was on EMI, and then my sister was paying the EMIs. Not something to boast about, but this happened. 

I then came across affiliate marketing, and through Meesho and Helo, the two applications, I started my journey as an affiliate marketer. Now, I am working with a different affiliate platform.

So Jitesh, what are your plans? 

I plan to launch a YouTube channel. I’m working on it, and soon it will be live. With that, I will help, guide and achieve things. When I was in college, I lacked guidance. There are many out there going through the same thing. I want to help and guide them. 

As of date, how many people have you mentored or guided?

I have mentored over a thousand people, including students, trained and established professionals, and housewives. They earn 15,000 to 20,000 thousand per month. Affiliate Marketing is an easy thing. You just need to learn about it first and then earn from it.

Do you have any advice for our audience?

Yes, my advice is to be patient. I left at 11,000 per month now I earn six digits income. Have patience and if you know you’re good at something, do it. Take exposure, learn, but don’t let your passion die. The most important of all is to follow your interests. 

Thank you Jitesh for this session and for your time!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this was Jitesh Sanjay Devrukhkar. You can connect to him via Jitesh Devrukhkar | (@jiteshdevrukhkar)