How can you be fit in the festive season?

You’ll look back on the photos and videos from your Festivals, family gatherings for the rest of your life. And the last thing you want to see is a version of yourself that you’re not proud of staring back at you. Festivities call for celebrations with family and friends. And we all know that Festivals are approaching fast and we tend to eat from outside or indulge in fried and junk food by doing this. A lot of people not only tend to ruin their usual diets but also gain extra few pounds. 

Excessive eating is the leading cause of additional weight gain, but it is due to the lack of physical activity.

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So it is essential to check what we are consuming by eating smart and balancing it out. You will not face issues like burping, bloating, indigestion, gastric problems, and many more. 

Always keep one thing in mind 

“Create healthy habits, not restrictions” 

Few ways are there to stay fit and enjoy the festive season

1- Portions control is the key – you can enjoy every meal but should be in portion control.

2- Avoid Deep Fried Food– Instead of having deep fried, have baked, steamed, Tandoori stuff.

3- Stay Hydrated – stay hydrated with smoothies, coconut water, Line water, Fresh juice, Lassi, which will maintain the optimum fluids that the body needs 

4- Avoid late-night snacking as it may cause indigestion.

5- Take proper sleep – At least 6- 7 hours sleep to improve metabolism.

6- Physical activities 30-45 minutes is compulsory.

If you overdo the festive foods or drinks, take a deep breath and start the next day afresh with healthy foods and some exercise. No fasting – just sensible eating. Remember, a few parties don’t make you overweight, and it’s what you do all the other days of the year which counts.

Thankfully, there are ways you can keep yourself fit and healthy while enjoying everything that this season has to offer. Here are few easy recipes that you can make and enjoy.

Foods to choose

  • Vegetable sticks for dipping
  • Oven-baked pita chips
  • Pretzels, rice crackers, rice nibbles
  • Baguettes, focaccia or bread or bread rolls
  • Open sandwiches, kebabs, fresh seafood
  • Hummus, salsas
  • Small pieces of your favourite cheese
  • Fruit cake
  • Fruit salad and a fruit custard are the best desserts available…,

Foods to avoid

  • Chips
  • Corn Chips
  • Nuts (healthy fats but high in energy)
  • Garlic bread, high-fat crackers
  • Deep-fried savouries, quiches, cheerios, salami
  • High-fat dips
  • Large quantities of cheese
  • Mince pies, shortbread
  • Large cheesecake, mud cake, caramel tarts, or anything topped with copious amounts of cream!

It is the season for whipping up famed family festive recipes and serving special, homemade delicacies. With so many treats surrounding us this time of year, it’s easy to overindulge accidentally. Combine loads of delicious festive treats with an unhealthy lifestyle and negligent physical activity, and you are bound to lean towards a more harmful version of yourself.

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