How designer karigar changing the world of stitching, Featuring Anjali, Co-Founder Designer Karigar.

The coronavirus pandemic appears to have unleashed a tidal wave of entrepreneurial activity across the globe. The global pandemic has brought about a true boom in start-ups, giving opportunities to those who were trying to carve a niche for themselves by exploring new ideas. 

One such example of this is the ‘Designer Karigar,’ which started as a single room boutique with a single worker. It has now turned into a studio with a team of 30+ young, talented and enthusiastic employees working on customising the customers’ needs and providing them tailored clothes at their doorsteps. A young and budding entrepreneur – Anjali, came up with the idea behind the whole setup to expand this tailoring business to a full-fledged designer boutique In Noida, providing doorstep solutions to the customisation needs of people. 

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As we all must have experienced, getting a designer dress stitched is obviously not a piece of cake! The amount of energy wasted in explaining your requirements to the tailor and the endless number of visits to the shop to check and verify if the stitched outfit is as per your requirements is truly exhausting. And to top it all, the tailor’s recursive efforts that go into the making of the outfit contribute to a cumbersome process. Thus, to simplify it all, the team of Designer Karigar came up with the customisation techniques to deliver the needs of the clients. Their expertise in designing, stitching and customisation and provide tailored solutions to the customer outfits. Thus, by tending to the customers at their homes and then delivering the outfits as per customisations at the doorstep, Designer Karigar has made the process of getting the clothes tailored hassle-free. It is bringing a revolution in the world of stitching. With their rigorous efforts and continuous hard work, they have earned around 1800 dedicated customers in Noida. They are now planning to expand the business to other metropolitan cities such as Gurugram.

Talking about the team at Designer Karigar, there are five foremost designers with exclusive and fresh ideas. They implement in customisations to give it a top-notch look and feel. These supervise the lookup and process flow at the studio and ensure that the customers’ needs are kept at priority, proper services are rendered to the clients, and timely deliveries. The workers commute to the client’s place, take their orders as per their specifications, customise them as needed by the client, and then deliver at their doorsteps upon completion. So, the customer does not have to move back and forth to the shop as they have been eliminated by the efforts of Designer Karigar. To automate it all, they’ll be launching an application-based platform wherein the customers will be able to place the orders on the app portal and then track the progress of the stitching of their outfits at every step of production. If needed, they can raise a query to alter the customisation to their needs so that the team can consider it at the boutique.

Therefore, to summarise it, the Designer Karigar is one example of successful entrepreneurship that has given opportunities to young and rising designers to exploit their talents and come up with the latest outlook in tailoring but has also benefitted the customers to experience a convenient, innovative. It has also made to order stitching of their outfits, specially customised ones as per their requirements.