How is a middle-class boy transforming society through his labor of love?

“Speak up if you want to bring change to the world” These words from renowned American author Dr. DaShanne paint a vivid picture of what one should do in order to transform society. It’s not rare to see people talking about changing society but it is uncommon to see someone working for the well-being of society, so those who do that need to be commended and supported for their actions. There are social entrepreneurs that stand out to accomplish something that will improve the world, but they are few in number. One such social entrepreneur is Sandy Khanda, a young social activist from India who has devoted his life to the benefit of society and humanity from a very young age.

This young man launched his business as a social entrepreneur solely to carry out an exceptional service to the public. Sandy Khanda is a farmer and climate activist by profession and the founder of the non-profit organization Green Pencil Foundation, which works for a good cause from the scenic state of Haryana in the Delhi-National Capital Region. Sandy is promoting prosperity and peace through his deeds of good work for mankind.

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He has started initiatives like growing every indoor plant into a sapling and tending it until it blossoms into a tree bearing flowers and fruits in an effort to safeguard this lovely world. Additionally, he took steps to organize awareness seminars so that individuals might experience the severe effects of humanity on our mother earth and be inspired to work for its preservation and restoration. For the sake of preserving the natural climate, Sandy Khanna and his colleagues put in a lot more effort. Young schoolchildren have recently been motivated and connected to work against climate change, and their voices have reached the society. It turned out to be a strong and successful concept, and students were moved by the thought that protecting the earth is our responsibility. 

Sandy’s sole guiding principle is to assist the less fortunate no matter the expense or circumstances. There were numerous camps set up to collect blood for the underprivileged, as well as motivational speeches from other sources. Sandy does everything to encourage others to act for good and assist the less fortunate. Talks were done in the style of poems to inspire and forge connections with people. The social home has historically been a major center for inspiration and motivation. Our typical presentations include chat shows and poetry readings to encourage heart-opening and verbal adoration of nature’s gift.

In order to move on with discussion meetings on the country’s current circumstances, Sandy Khanda who is also a political consultant worked with the National Institution for Transforming India. Concerned about Covid’s predicament, social entrepreneurs decided to take action and approach the government to discuss societal concerns. Finally, they developed better suggestions for improving the present state of the nation. An appropriate timetable to be followed and dietary advice for COVID-positive individuals were considered, and the information was shared among the populace for their wellbeing.

A technology-savvy engineering student made it all the way to serving society. Sandy shifted his knowledge and abilities to work for a social purpose. He investigated and examined the issues on his travels around cities and towns; women’s and men’s equality has been his worry since his annual days in a wealthy society with nearly no concerns regarding where to obtain the knack for a social cause. The engineer became an activist CEO and consultant as a result of all the social challenges and concerns. initially collaborated with a large number of NGOs to promote social welfare.

In addition to being well-known as a writer in Hindi and Urdu, Sandy Khanda’s words and concepts are motivating people. He has provided his services both domestically in India and internationally in nations like Iran and Indonesia. He began with plantation drives and rallies for environmental protection before moving on to discuss programmes and blood donation camps. He was persuaded to educate them after hearing about the worst experiences of slum students. both village and slum children received night classes. Sandy is adamant that young have the capacity to revolutionize society in order to rescue the planet and the environment, and that education is the key to bringing about change.