How MSME/SME can take advantage of the growing strategic digital marketing wave in 2022 to fetch new clients?

MSME businesses thrive on a dynamic clientele. Cracking deals with new clients is a must for every growth-oriented business. But much before negotiating a deal, the challenge lies in finding relevant prospects to pitch a deal. All over the world, Digital Marketing is adding ease to myriad business processes that involve communication with prospects.

Digital Marketing can be as simple as creating an Instagram page and posting regularly with the hope of building followership. A relevant prospect may send in a monetizable enquiry on an odd occasion, but that’s not it. Indeed, that’s a very small portion of the savoury pie that digital marketing serves to thriving entrepreneurs.

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So, why settle for less in the vibrant 2022 followed by three low-key business years and jinxed by the pandemic. Businesses all over have geared up to tap every possible opportunity seen on the market horizon. Strategic Digital Marketing is what propels their hopes.

Here’s what the Strategic Digital Marketing surge in 2022 has to offer to businesses rooted in India’s tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, and so on.

Landing Pages

The one function landing pages must swear by is encouraging conversations. They must appeal to the visitors at first glance. The latest digital marketing trends for landing pages in 2022 emphasize the use of motion graphics to create an infallible appeal.

Including motion graphics on landing pages without compromising on the user experience is quite a task. Also, new trends in email-only forms are too compelling for visitors to pass by without responding.


SEO is the soul of digital marketing and is as old as digital marketing itself. But it never gets boring, thanks to the inventive leaders who set exuberant trends. They have caused ripples for 2022 too.

SEO has to be mobile-friendly, with a growing number of people accessing the internet on their mobile phones. Latest SEO trends in 2022 point towards mobile versions of websites as the primary versions.

YouTube Marketing

Are you an avid YouTube viewer? If you’re reading this article, there are very slim chances that you’re not among the 2 billion YouTube users across the world. Love it or not, YouTube Marketing makes for an unmissable element in Strategic Digital Marketing in 2022. 

Short format videos are the most trending upgrade to the decade-and-half old video streaming platform. The trend was first set by platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, which got popular with young users. In an effort to create the same experience for its humongous user base, YouTube launched YT shorts. 

Paid Advertising

Google shall be doing away with third-party cookies in the near future. Many fear it might lead to an end to personalized advertising. But something interesting shall replace cookies in 2022.

Federal Learning of Cohorts, or FLOC, is the new buzzword that ensures success with advertisements that are group-specific, though not out-and-out personalized. It relies on the anonymized data collected from the cohorts. Paid online advertising may no longer benefit from concrete and individual user profiles, but FLOC still promises results to those who excel in targeting groups.


Emails that address their recipients by their names have been an effective online marketing strategy powered by automation. In 2022, the marketing automation game rises higher with a handful of innovations.

The foremost trend is hyper-personalisation. It allows marketers to use users’ behavioural data that have had real-time interactions with their brands. The businesses will definitely grow through each of the quarters in 2022”, says Ram Bugalia, CEO of Host2Unlimited, one of the leading agencies that propel the ambitions of MSME entrepreneurs in Mumbai suburbs.

Online marketing strategies

A lot of MSMEs try implementing various online marketing strategies such as blogging, influencer engagement, and social media according to their needs and capacities. In the digital marketing world, continuous innovation and consistency are required as no one knows which combination of strategies will click. As no one can guarantee the success of any single strategy, MSMEs must continuously keep trying out different approaches for different opportunities.

Influencer engagement and Instagram reels

Association with influencers and creating engaging content with them sets a different perception altogether of the brand for the audience. SMEs and MSMEs should take utmost advantage of this fact to create relevant and authentic content that resonates with their target audience. Instagram Reels have received positive reactions from influencers and brands all over the world to date.

Public Relations

PR works wonders too! It can help create brand awareness, build brand credibility and thought leadership, generate brand loyalty, etc. Public Relations, in recent years, has outgrown itself to encompass the more significant role of ‘building brands’ that constantly communicate and on multiple levels and platforms to the entire universe of stakeholders – internal: from employees, vendors, partners, investors to external: consumers, influencers, industry leaders, potential investors, and even policymakers.

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