How much Does Female Sexologist Online Consultation Cost?

Sexual dysfunction is the term used in medicine to describe persistent, recurrent issues with sexual responsiveness, desire, orgasm, or pain that bother you or strain your connection with your partner.

Many women have issues with sexual function at some time in their life, and some continue to struggle. At any stage of life, female sexual dysfunction can arise. It could happen in every sexual circumstance or just specific ones.

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A complex interaction of physiology, emotions, experiences, beliefs, lifestyle, and relationships goes into a sexual response. Any component disruption can impact sexual desire, arousal, or satisfaction, and treatment frequently combines multiple strategies.

An individual or couple may experience sexual dysfunction. It refers to any issue that interferes with enjoyment during the course of the sexual response cycle. About 30% to 40% of women experience sexual dysfunction. The main complaint is a lack of desire. Sex issues can afflict women at any stage of life, but they tend to get worse as women get older. Sexual dysfunction can be either transient or persistent. Women with these problems should consult reproductive health consultants for females and get the respective treatment and therapy done to lead a healthy and happy life.

Sexual dysfunction can have various causes, and for many people, there are multiple causes. The following are examples of common sexual dysfunctional causes:

> Stress

> Fear of sex

> Use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco

> Hormone levels

> Mental illness problem

> Past sexual traumas

> Relationship problems

> Certain medications and therapies

> Menopause

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