How Two Brothers From A Small Town Created An International Furniture Brand.

Saharanpur Based Wooden Twist, is an online furniture store that focuses on building hand carved furniture for its customers. Starting from Saharanpur, the startup currently has clients across the globe.

Wooden Twist is a leading brand of India in wooden furniture. Established in 2019 by  brothers Faheem Shamsi  and Azeem Shamsi as a small business has gone to become a grand brand in itself today. It is a home for premium quality wooden handcrafted products as well as has a complete range of big furniture like Rocking chairs, Beds, Wardrobes, Book Shelves, Swings and much more.

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The startup had started with an initial investment of Rs 5 lakh, and over the past years, it has pumped in Rs 5 to 6 crore.

The startup makes an annual revenue of Rs 8 crore, and has over nine lakh visits on its website every month. It is now aiming to hit a revenue of Rs 20 crore in 2022. It operates at a gross margin close to 30 percent

Wooden Twist provides affordable furniture in a variety of unique styles, with a focus on innovation and better utility. When the start up started, the founder found out that there is a great deal of difference what is being sold and what the customer actually wants in their furniture. Hence, they started to customize their products as per the need and demands of the customers which has greatly rewarded them in the long run as customers have a strong level of trust and confidence in them. Instead of buying furniture offline, they ask this online start up to design and manufacture their products at reasonable prices. They have also helped many restaurants and homes to design their complete furniture according to the looks of their space, making it even more convenient for the customers to manage their interior.

The startup operates on a web-based revenue model along with an efficient network of virtual and physical presence. The target customer usually involves middle to upper-middle-class individuals.

They have fresh and talented group of employees who deal with numerous clients everyday and help them navigate through the website and assist them in the purchase as best as they can. Being a relatively new brand and situated in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, Wooden Twist makes sure that all the employees feel at home while working and that is why they have the best staff.

The nationwide lockdown last year had affected the Wooden Twist as well but the company persisted in those difficult times and came out even stronger than before. The sales and over all output increased by manifolds and brought more and more customers to the website. It is rightly said that tough times bring out the best in people. The company continues to bring more traffic and has gained a great confidence of people all over the country.

Another great aspect of this startup is that it has generated a great deal of employment in the town. There are numerous artisans who make hand crafted products, who work at the factory and earn their livelihood with respect and security. In a way it can be said that Wooden Twist has brought a uniformity for all the local artisans. Currently, the company employees more than 100 artisans.

“Along with this, we have started our global expansion within the United Arab Emirates, setting up the Same Day Delivery & COD payment options in UAE.” says Faheem.

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