Hyderabad based, Woodpickr Studios collaborates with Saurabh Singh, a luxury decor designer, for curation of sustainable home decor.

Later this Wednesday, city based AI powered Interior designing studio Woodpickr Studios announced that it had finalised a collaboration with Saurabh Singh, a luxury decor designer from Hyderabad. This collaboration takes a step towards rising in demand for sustainable living and sustainable furniture specially for homes of gated communities and urban decor buyers.

Speaking of the collaboration, the CEO of Woodpickr Studios, Sharan Sai Agiri says “Saurabh Singh is well known for his eye of designing luxury home interior and furniture projects for numerous celebrities in South India. Being a stalwart at his work, he has pulled off multiple collaborations with various designers. He is minimalistic, honest and his simple approach to keep his design clean with meticulous attention to details makes him an industry expert. His design language can be easily interpreted as bold minimalism. Playing in controlled chaos is one of his favourite things to do. His designs have a heavy impact on Indian culture because of his way of thinking which adds a new dimension to his vivid imaginations.

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He is a fan of Zaha Hadid’s works. As a design philosopher, Saurabh likes to eliminate elements that are not necessary to the concept’s form or function and using elements that serves as both form and functions. He loves creating concepts using elements of nature. “Nature has so many unique creations with unbelievable forms and functions all around us that we must take inspiration from it” he says. He has worked with  famous luxury designers internationally for more than 5 years. He is certified by Ashridge global & Ecole de design from Paris.

This collaboration is not only for the sole purpose of curating a line of Sustainable furniture. At the same time, it is useful for fostering an unseen relationship with nature. We see that there is an increased demand for furniture which is affordable and at the same time does not harm nature. We aim to use fabric, wood and other material which is sourced from ecologically certified sources. Today, sustainable materials have an important place and influence in the interpretation of interior design. People associate with stories behind what goes into the making of each product and the material which is used to make it. We also tend to minimise the wastage of the material by using and estimating the necessary quantity of the material for the production of said furniture.

“Sustainability is a growing concept in interior design.” Today,  sustainable materials have an important place and influence in the interpretation of interior design. Sustainable materials have valuable and often interesting stories to tell, and their essence will emerge when used in well-planned interior design concepts. People can feel and connect with the unique journey and life cycle of sustainable materials, which gives strong character to interior designs and furnishings,” says a spokesperson from Woodpickr studios, who shares his happiness and exuberance about their new collaboration.

Woodpickr studios is a start-up based in Hyderabad, which allows you to completely customise every element of your abode at a budget you propose. Be it a small coveted budget or a premier plush interior project, we take up all and handover the project to you in your budget, not a penny more or a penny less. They are a consortium of expert craftsmen who create every element of your home with great elegance, provide services for home interiors, office interiors, store designing and customised designs. Woodpickr Studios aims to become an in-home brand name for all the decor and furniture needs, as it strengthens it’s team and expands its services.