I love horses. They bring out compassion in me, says celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia

Mr Samarpit Kanwatia, Mumbai based acclaimed celebrity astrologer is a frequent with stud farms across India, going for a casual ride and spends a lot of time with horses. Recently, he was again at a stud farm in the interiors of Mumbai with his family celebrating pre-New Year 2022.

“Whenever I get time and if I can I always visit our very beautifully maintained and magnificently curated stud farms owned by various stalwarts of India. It is very cathartic and I do not leave any chance to be around horses who represents agility, strength, swiftness, and yet are very caring loving and express great compassion if you re friendly with them and if they choose you to be one of theirs.”

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“In so my years that I have tried to understood them, what I have learnt is they expect a lot of love and oneness from you. There has to be implicit trust and a bond based on respect for them to allow you to ride them. They are not for domesticated animals, they were domesticated for transport, at least that is how it all started.”

Expanding further

“My daughter Arna has taken this liking for riding horses and I would love if she is mentored under a good rider and coach merely to experience another aspect of her life. They say, animals take away a lot of your pain and we as humans, in whatever position we are blessed to be in, are always pained for some reason or the other. And what better way than to have company of horses who are beautiful. Right now, she and me both are guided under Mr. Deepak, one of the finest trainers and a fabulous equestrian himself. He has made us understand the finer nuances of reading a horse and his sentiment which makes our riding experience even better.”

Samarpit ji was asked as to what is that one thing which he feels is very essential to ride a horse or take riding sessions.

“Always spend some time with the horse you wish to ride and that will immediately build a bond of trust with the animal and trust me, he will never hurt you consciously. They are not made to hurt rather they offer their back to give you service if said this in a philosophical way. But once you get to know them, feed them, nurture them, play with them, calm them, soothe them; then they are all yours.”

“But beyond this, remember where horse riding is a pleasant experience it is also a very expensive affair, as a heavy cost is invested by the respected owners to breed them right, give them right surroundings, right feed, bathing, cleaning, various vaccinations and medical care so that adds up to the cost levied on you should you want to pursue this hobby or even as a professional for competitions. However, once you can forgo the costs from your mind, I can assure you that even as an amateur, the hobby of horse riding is of very royalty and of high respect.”

“Horse riding builds your own individual personality and takes a person’s self-grooming to another level. You would never want to look shabby in front of these beautiful animals where they shine as if they are truly out from a Disney film. A mystical, magical creature and their eyes look into yours as fantastical as it could.” concludes Samarpit ji.

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