“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”- Steve Jobs

Yet another successful event, the Investors’ Summit, was held by Sigma Consultants on the 26th and 27th of April, 2022, at Hotel Fairfield by Marriot, Lucknow. Once again, Sigma Consultants have stood up to their motto, “Building relationships on trust,”; our most respectable and affluent investors, including Mr. Hemant Reddy and Mr. Suraj Jha, attended the summit. Our prominent Indian diversity was witnessed with the presence of Entrepreneurs from all over India who participated in the conference, under the same roof and with the same mindset towards bringing revolution to the world of business.

Mr. Hemant Reddy and Mr. Suraj Jha are successful entrepreneurs and investors with a proven track record of success in building startups, and they have an eye for gems. At this summit, various startups proved victorious in getting their businesses funded and are now part of our expanding Sigma Family. The conference commenced with Mr. Mohd Talib’s endeavour “Farm Smart,” based in Bangalore. With significant dependency on technology, in today’s world, they aim to create a world where technology is driven by us, not the other way round. With his exciting and powerful pitch, he was successful in raising funds. They were followed by  Vivek Pise at Siddhsaanvi Pvt Ltd based in Maharashtra, focusing on the development of India’s primary sector and the rural growth of our country by providing dairy farmers with direct access to the urban market to supply their goods quickly. Coming along with Vivek Prajapati at City Loop from the state of Odisha, he aims toward sustainability. His focal point- is reducing the use of petrol by providing public charging networks for Electric Vehicles. Moving on to another genius proposition by Rajalakshmi at FoodiGo from Chennai, in the most competitive food delivery market, she strives to provide her clients with the best online services. So on and so forth, Sigma Consultants successfully brought together all such innovative ideas, creating a hub of young and determined entrepreneurs pitching to various Investors in diverse domains.

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With the aim of economic development, the summit financed various startups, businesses, and projects directed toward health, technology, sustainability, modernization, education, and other such fields. The 2-day fundraising round was closed at a promising figure of 100 crores, successfully catering to the needs of  25+ such startups and projects from all over our Indian Subcontinent. The ticket size of the funding round varied between 2 crores to 9 crores. We are beating our previous record of 80 crores funding 15 startups and projects. The Sigma Consultants take great pride in all our clients, who connect with us and put their complete faith in our work, and we are proud to welcome them into our Sigma family.

Sigma Consultants is proud to announce another super successful investors’ meet! With continuous hard work and determination, we have again delivered what we promised our loyal clients, who trusted us with their dreams and ambitions. “I always consider startups as a passion much more than a hustle. Here at Sigma, we salute passion and are continuously working on and with our clients to provide to their startup,”; as stated by CEO Kumar Abhishek.


Mr. Hemant Reddy is a scholar, an entrepreneur and a leader with a great vision. He believes in innovation and ideas and shares a keen interest in helping and assisting startups and entrepreneurs. He has 15+ years’ worth of experience in creating and establishing startups. He works on the causes of health, education, and social service. Kyra pharmaceuticals are one such startup he has invested in which has now turned into a big business. Being an angel investor, he appreciates ideas and believes in creating success in every field.

Suraj Jha is associated with Merchant Banker, having 10+ years worth of experience in Merchant banking activities, Mr. Jha is well versed in the field of investments, and has handled many assignments in Capital Market. Mr. Jha represents a widespread network of investors. He works for the causes of health, education, and fintech. Mr. Jha is highly qualified and has a great eye for opportunities. He believes in making a change in society with the help of his vast network across the country.