IGP Raghavendra  Suhas, believes that things can be improved only through training and education

Raghavendra Suhas is an Indian Police Service officer and is Inspector General of Police of Northern Range.  In the recently held pass out parade of Department of Prisons recruits at Khaanapur Police Training school he advised Police and Prisons departments new recruits to develop professional qualities, inclination to kindness and the ability to handle any kind of situation as public expect these qualities. Mr. Suhas said that the men of these departments needs to be strong physically with balanced emotions and presence of mind. They should also have the mental ability to face unseen unwanted difficulties and handle any kind of stress.  Mr. R. Suhas has served in various places and handled the roles as investigator, law enforcer, and in public order governance. He has served the government of Rajasthan earlier. In his professional life he has inspired several constables to take up exams and get into higher levels in government. He has trained and carefully nurtured several young recruits’ constables, sub inspectors etc. . . .           

Though by Career,   he is an IPS officer he believes that things can be improved only through training and education. He is a   Fellow of the Institute of Engineers. He is also seen teaching Maths and Physics to the students. And computers to the staff in his free time. His professional life is a source of inspiration for many.  His expertise on national and international river water disputes, accords and issues is well heard in the Engineers forums and the conclaves held by Institution of engineers.  He is at present pursuing Ph.D. in the subjects of public finance and policies… He is keenly focussed on developmental issues and public causes having an influence on Public order and tranquillity.

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“Beyond Red Alert”

Every few decades, floods occur in northern Karnataka region causing the loss of life and property. Several measures are taken or being taken.   As somewhere pointed out by R.Suhas , the nuances of flood are not known made to the people, though the people are living along the river  banks during the evolvement of  civilisation . The floods are happening since age old time’s memorial. Despite best steps, the loss of life and property continue to take place. But the lessons are not learnt or not taught. Routinely, the relief measures gets implemented. Etc .  It is here that the officers with technical knowledge have to enter and create awareness about the process of evolvement of floods and its spread and extension and expansion. There is lot of investments required in the creation of alert and warning systems, support mechanism, movement, management etc . As a technocrat, sri. R. Suhas says that the education to the river bank dwellers and   the governing departments to be imparted on the evolvement of spread of floods. The available window period for safe evacuation and rescue without chaos had to be found out and drived in the people as a drill.  In the 2019, in Krishna river basin, centurys highest unwitnessed rainfall and floods happened. 

Several steps were taken by sri.  R,suhas based on available ground data of the rainfall , water table, physical barriers, encroachments, siltataion, reservoirs capacity, storage, flow data , affected villages, population, settlements, routes , etc. The predictive analysis was made by him as an engineer for the entire period of flood spread. Window periods for evacuation was notified, and large scale public were evacuated by the police teams from the required locations causing minimum displacement with less time. The DG and IGP of the Karnataka State Smt Neelamani N.  Raju encouraged and directed to document the exemplary work done by the Police. This was an function of the police which spreadth beyond the call of duty . The various analytical parameters were staggered in the semi technical book that is useful in knowing the river basins and its nuances.  The book BEYOND RED ALERT – saving lives intends to educate and train the public and police on handling large scale data and to take steps. The Book, ‘ BEYOND RED ALERT ‘ gives a first hand information on the evolution of 2019 floods and pre notifies to take safety steps , day by day. The predictive analysis is made. The technical aspects are transformed carefully  for common people   by paralleling and  denoting flood marks on various physical structures available on the ground and created awareness . In future, if at all heavy rains happen, the public and police are educated to   arrive at a common solution of safety with a respect to the nature . The Book BEYOND RED ALERT gives a direction to Police Personnel, in managing evacuation and resettlement during Floods in Krishna Basin in Northern Range of Karnataka. This book infact aims to educate and train general public also to protect themselves in the event of a catastrophic flood. Sri. R. Suhas writes about the different ways to keep keen observations on the Nature and its rage, keeping in view of people who also are part of this beautiful nature   .