Images4Ads Presents Kids Summer Fashion Week: A Celebration of Style, Creativity, and Fun for Young Fashionistas

New Delhi : Images4Ad, a production house, hosted kids summer fashion week at Delhi Haat, Janakpuri, New Delhi, where children demonstrated their talent with a runway walk. They also organised a portfolio shoot for the kids at the fashion show. Images4ads promotes kids for brand shoot and portfolios shoot and help in uplifting their talent. The spectacular event showcased the exciting world of children’s fashion. The amazing display of elegance, originality, and fun captured the audience’s attention and established a new trend in children’s fashion.

Kids Summer Fashion Week was honoured to welcome influential personalities from the entertainment and fashion industries like DJ Sumit Sethi, Noddy Singh, Shefali Nagpal, Anjali Manchanda, Jazz Kirat Singh & Yashika. They attend the event, interact with attendees, and provided valuable insights into the world of fashion and style.

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Kids Summer Fashion Week featured a series of mesmerizing runway shows, interactive activities, and engaging workshops that leaving young fashion enthusiasts and their families in awe. This prestigious event aimed to provide a platform for talented designers, young models, and fashion-forward kids to express their unique styles and showcase the latest trends in children’s fashion.

Highlights of Kids Summer Fashion Week included:

Spectacular Runway Shows an enchanting parade of cutting-edge fashion designs, carefully curated for kids. Talented young models graced the runway, showcasing an array of innovative and stylish outfits that capture the essence of summer.

Trendsetting Collections: Renowned brands unveil their exclusive summer collections, ensuring that children are dressed in the latest and most fashionable attire. From playful prints to vibrant colors, the runway was a feast for the eyes, reflecting the spirit of the season.

“We are delighted to present Kids Summer Fashion Week, a celebration of style and creativity,” said Prateek Singh, Founder and CEO of Images4Ads. “This event aims to inspire young fashion enthusiasts, nurturing their creativity and allowing them to express themselves through fashion. We believe in fostering confidence, individuality, and style in children, and this event provides the perfect platform for that.”

Images4ads is a diversified company, having expertise in media productions such as music videos, conceptual portfolios for aspiring models, actors and imperatively for kids. Moreover, they have merchandised our own stock image portal for retailing and are is holding the record for India’s fastest growing stock image portal. Their work has featured in First cry, little tags, Blackberry menswear, Bank of Baroda. Images4ads is a production house that provides services such as photoshoots, portfolio creation, advertising and events, music video creation, and music video production.