Immigrate to Canada through Express Entry program

Canada has been a famous immigration destination. The government of Canada invites skilled people to their country through a points-based system known as Express Entry. This stream was launched in 2015 in order to make the process the most simple and easier way to get a PR Visa before express entry was announced. The Immigration process for Canada enclosed paper works which consumed more time compared with the present (Apply for Express Entry) Express Entry stream.


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Canada Express Entry is a direct stream it’s completely an E-process and raking based system designed by the federal-provincial government of Canada and the selection is entirely based on the skills of the applicant and the relevant occupation in demand, The applicant has to ensure whether their profile is eligible to apply for this program or not. The ranking is based on the applicant’s Core human capital factors.

Express Entry is not a newly introduced ‘immigration program’ this is a revised program with online features in itself. In simple terms it is a new electronic system that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC ) uses to manage and select applications for permanent residence under 3 programs.

Express Entry has 3 Streams:

  1. Federal skilled trades program (FSTP)
  2. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  3. Federal skilled worker Program (FSWP)

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is for people who are selected to immigrate to Canada because of their work experience and skills. FSW program is one of the major Program under immigration system and major applications fall under FSW, if you Don’t have any previous Study/ work experience in Canada the applicant fall under FSW

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  1. Achieve 67 points in the points grid proposed by Canadian government
  2. Have a degree earned from an recognised university
  3. Be of 18+ years of age
  4. Have at least 1 year of full-time (or equivalent) skilled work experience;
  5. Meet Minimum Language levels in English or French
  6. Be of good character (police clearance)
  7. Prove your medical admissibility
  8. Be able to prove that you have Enough Money to support yourself and your dependent after you arrive in Canada
  9. Plan to live outside the province of Quebec.

Use our Canada PR Points Calculator to check your eligibility for Canada Immigration


When we complete your Express Entry profile, your online profile is placed with other applicants from around the world in a central pool of Express Entry applicants. There are no CRS minimum cut-offs required to enter the Express Entry program. CIC (IRCC) issues Invitations to Apply (ITA) to candidates who are ranked highest in the pool by a process commonly called a “Draw” or “Round of Invitations”. So it is important to score high in your CRS to be issued an ITA . If your Express Entry profile is active and your CRS score is equal or more than the cut-off score for a particular draw then you will be issued an ITA. From a candidate’s perspective ITA is basically a letter that you receive through your My CIC account. Higher the score faster the process would progress


It is necessary to keep a track on Changing immigration guidelines and Norms. ICCRC has officially changed to CICC now. And from fall 2022 TEER replaces NOC. Hence we get regular updates it is necessary to Choose/hire an IRCC Authorized representative like GreenTree immigration. The risk being transferred on our shoulders you can sit back and relax with your Canadian immigration dream. Errors and rejections can drain one’s Time, Energy, Money and Effort.

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